Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cleanse Failure & Kick A$$ Workout!!!

For those of you who thought the cleanse sounded crazy, you were right! But what was most crazy was that we went from holiday eating and partying and then went to immediate cleansing with our cleansing days on Friday and Saturday. Not smart. I got home last night and my husband had the most pitiful look on his face and said he just couldn't do it with all the food we had in the house. And in our defense, we typically don't have a lot of food in our house that is snacky...we never have snacks and today we have TONS of snacks and left over food which makes the temptation overwhelming. So, we are eating and cleaning out all of our food and will start again very soon (like possibly next week). Anyhoo, moving on to todays workout...

Amber and I met at the gym for a leg workout with a goal of burning 1200 calories (btw, NO PROBLEM).

B/c my husband hasn't renewed the tags on my car I was getting pulled over (but thankfully not cited) while she was happily running a mile warm up (check an additional 300 calories for Amber). :)

When I got there we did one of my leg challenges which was the following:

3 sets of the following:

Glute Cardio: 1st set - Step Mill - 5 mins level 10, 2nd set - ran to each corner and did 5 burpees at each corner for two full laps, 3nd set - Step Mill 2.5 mins and Seated Lunge Cardio machine 2.5 mins.
Seated Hamstrings - peak-a-boos w/three toe positions, 3 = 1 to 10. (On my second set, both hamstring curl machines were taken so I did 30 hamstring blasts with the ball).
Walking lunges - 1st set we went completely around the track (approx 140 lunges) w/15 lb dumbbells, 2nd set we did 5 pulses each leg, 10 pulses each leg, 15 pulses each leg, then did 25 pulses each leg, 20, 15..10....5 w/15lb dumbbells, 3rd set we did 3 pulse lunges each leg ALL the way around the track w/no weight but trust me, we felt it!
Treadmill - 5 mins at 15% grade at 4.3 mph
Barbell squats - 15 reps (Amber 40lbs, Jessica 50 lbs)
Squat Jumps - 20 reps
Standing hip extensions - 15 each leg - 40 lbs
Standing quad extensions - 15 each leg - 40lbs

Then we finished up with the following ab workout:

Sit ups w/feet on 3rd bar, 1 min
Bicycles - slow and controlled, 1 min
Straight leg sit ups - 15x
Core Plank - 1 minute alternating leg lift every 5 seconds
1 Crunch + 1 Sit up, 2 Crunches + 2 Sit Ups...3 Crunches + 3 Sit 10 (I did this a wee bit differently b/c I misunderstood but made up for it at the end. :) Right AMBER???
Shoelace drill (tie your shoelaces together - put feet in air and crunch up until they are untied)
Crunches - feed to ceiling, 1 min
Corkscrew, 1 min
Shoelace drill
Boxer's weave (1 sit up followed by side to side), 1 min
Core Plank, 1 min
Seal Stretch (I had a little tear of joy with this one)
Reverse Core Plank w/leg lift 10 each leg
Seal stretch
V-up sit ups w/feet resting on 2nd bar, 10x

Total calories: Jess 1200; Amber 1400 (maybe even more eh?)!!! Sa-weet!

GREAT job on the ab workout Amber and we did awesome on our leg workout! I have to just post, for the record, that Amber is an awesome workout partner. I think I have said it before, but she is truly awesome!

We are hitting it tomorrow again so come back to check out our next workout! :)



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great workout! Have you considered a weighted vest?? I want one of those in a bad way...I thought it would be good for walking lunges, pullups, pushups, walking...just about anything to make the workouts a little more intense.


Jessica said...

I have considered a weighted vest but I am unsure of lugging it around with me....although I could use it at my house. But now that I think about it - it would be totally worth it! Definitely improve the butt burn.
Happy New Year chica!

Amber said...

I don't think I need any more improvement on the butt burn after yesterday and today, but we can consider a weighted vest at some point....could you imagine running the lake in one??? Yikes! Anyway, I was very happily running a mile before you showed up...late...but with a totally viable reason! Ha! No ticket at least. Great leg workout!

Jessica said...

Ha ha! How bout we do HILL SPRINTS with a weighted vest? Or bleachers??? OUCH! :) By the way, how would you feel about a track workout one of these days including a bleacher workout? Fun, fun!

Amber said...

Lets look at how warm this next weekend is going to be. I actually like doing bleachers, not crazy about running sprints on a track anymore, but I can force myself through them. We need to do hill sprints at my house one of these days. I think we would be hurting...