Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Grrrrrrr....Too Mad to Come Up With a Title :)

Well....I clearly need to find a better work/life/workout balance because....(wait for it, wait for it) I am FRIGGIN SICK AGAIN!!!! Not happy. At all.

Started on Sunday night and has just gotten progressively worse...the worst part about it? It is the same exact thing I had at the end of November - sinus infection. Today (last night actually) it moved from my head/nose to my chest which is GOOD because it means it is moving out of my body but bad b/c my asthma is terrible....inhaler doesn't even work and I get out of breath walking the dog around our neighborhood.

So, you know the drill...I am pissed that I can't workout...pissed that I can't lift (really, I tried and got immediately out of breath).

Reasons I am continuing to get sick:
  • Sensitivity/decrease in immune system as a result of cats. An update on that in case I haven't said it yet - I was able to give the kitties to one of my BF's from North Carolina. They are doing great. Need to get carpet deep cleaned and furniture too.
  • Not getting enough sleep over New Year's (about 3 days worth of 6 hour nights).
  • Eating terribly over New Year's (same 3 days).
  • Drinking over New Year's (yes, you got it - same 3 days).
  • Going back to work and it being complete and utter madness!
After this round is over I vow to:
  • Get 7 hours a night - no matter what!
  • Take my vitamin c daily.
  • Use my nettie pot for the sinuses.
  • Start supplementing with a super food.
  • Make sure my health comes above everything else.
I can't wait to get back to my workouts...I am going to attempt a workout tomorrow night...attempt being the key word - I don't want to push my body so hard that it can't continue to recover.

I will update you guys tomorrow and hopefully have a successful workout to report!

Remember...the body comes 1st!

Does anyone have a good super food they recommend?



Amber said...

Blueberries!!! Incorporate them into my breakfast. Buy frozen at Sams or Wal-Mart.

April said...

I was going to say the same thing!!!!