Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back At It.....Long Way to Go!

Met Amber at the gym today for my first official workout after my brief hiatus. :) I could definitely tell I've been off...for awhile. It is amazing what two weeks off can do to your cardio...more on that in a little bit but let me just tell you I was FRUS-TRA-TED. Big time.

Here was our workout:

Set 1:
5 minute run to warm up
20 barbell squats (Jessica 50lbs/Amber 40lbs)
15 reverse lunges (ea. leg) using same weight as above
15 Overhead dumbbell shoulder presses (Jessica - 20lbs) while Amber did bicep curls w/15's
10 close grip push ups
4x through

Set 2:
20 Sumo Squats (Jessica 50lb dumbbell, Amber 60)
15 Deadlifts (Jessica 80lbs, Amber 60lbs) (my heart rate after these two: 160!!!!!)
15 Skull crushers w/30 lbs curly bar followed by 10 chest presses
15 Lateral Raises (Jessica w/12lbs) while Amber did 40lb dumbbell curls
4x through

10 3 count bob and weave sit ups
15 hip thrusts
1 crunch + 1 sit up....2 crunches + 2 sit ups...3...through 10
1 minute Core Plank
In and Outs (15)
1 minute Core Plank
In and Outs (15)

Ok, a couple of comments....I really struggled with my heart rate. I was consistently 10 BPM over Amber after each exercise. Normally I am 10 BPM LOWER than Amber (she is a little hummingbird) and I had to sit down a couple times because of light headed-ness. Very frustrating.

The GOOD news is that I got in there and had a great first day back workout. While I am frustrated, I didn't lose a lot of strength. Most of what I lost was just cardio and stamina - my strength was still pretty good. Thank goodness Amber had already done a workout in the morning and so she was pretty tired as well. We actually referred to our workout today as a "guy workout". Sorry boys...but its true! :)

I am going to try to ride the bike for a bit tonight and get in some long cardio tomorrow....I am a little nervous about working out with Debbie on Monday but I saw her today and she could tell I was definitely not "feeling it". :) She looks fantastic, as always! And such a ball of white light. Her energy is so pure and she is so motivating!

Have a great weekend everyone! Keep on keeping on and remember, every day you do something for your health is a day you choose to make your life better! :)



EM :) said...

Sooooo glad you're back to your A&J workouts, that by it's self will make you feel better, ya know, just getting back in the swing. As far as Monday, you will do AWESOME, you said yourself that your strength is still there. It only takes a couple cardio sessions and you'll be back where you were.
You great, keep it up, take care of yourself, NO MORE SICKNESS!!!

Jessica said...

RIGHT ON SISTER! I am done with the sickness! I added a bunch of probiotics and am also taking super food every day. Done with this madness! :)

Amber said...

Awesome workout today! All I can say is "ow"!!!! Walking up and down the stairs to my office is just short of intense torture! Speaking of torture, I may try to hit about 40 minutes of light cardio later today to try to keep my legs from completely freezing up. I know your work has been insane, kind of like what I went throught before Christmas, but hang in there, like you said only a few more days, then hopefully your stress levels will decrease. Its hard for me to have intensity in my workout if work is getting me down. I try to channel all of my frustrations into my workout when this happens, and the results....Burpee Challenge in 7 min and 50 seconds! You did awesome today for sure. Glad you are almost back. We can do some fun A&J workouts this weekend!

Jessica said...

Amber -

Thanks for stopping by chica! You are always my motivation as you know! :) Yes, Monday's workout was AWESOME! Definitely enjoyed it although the hard time I am having today with sitting is not so much fun.

Hope you are recovering ok!

Power Authority said...

Keep it up sister---
Hope to see you soon and I miss you!