Saturday, January 12, 2008

Starting Point Pic

You have been asking for them and since I am taking Prednisone to kick my bronchitis' butt, I thought I would take a picture while fluffy (that way I have a little excuse :). Truth be told, I can't blame it on the Prednisone since I have only been on it for 3 days (or can I????.....). it is...I will try to post every month. I gotta tell ya, this is HARD to do. Posting not a very complimentary pic..not so much fun. Or as Em would say: Awesome: posting pics from the day of your contest.....Not Awesome: Posting pics 9 months out. :)

I am not even sure what to say other than I have some work to do! But also feel good about some of the gains I have made (not in the shelf like rump) in my shoulders and even quads.

More to come all! And no baring of the belly just yet. At least until I break up with Prednisone. Drumroll.....
Oh, and I worked out today! Just did shoulders which consisted of the following:
  • Overhead press on smith rack (30lbs warm up)
  • Arnold Press supersetted with Standing Lat Raises (20lbs and 12lbs respectively)
  • Barbell Row supersetting with Front Dumbbell Raises (Barbell w/10lbs and 12 lbs dumbbells)
  • GVT final set - 10 sets of 10 of Smith Shoulder Press using 25lbs
And rode the bike for 30 minutes super light - just enough to get heart rate to around 130-140 - purely to test out the lungs. But it was a start and yet, I am feeling better! I am going to try to do a super high rep leg workout tomorrow along with some more cardio to see if I can get through a workout with just a bit more intensity.

Have a great weekend all!



Anonymous said...

Where is the pic???? I want the pic!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! You look fantastic!!! Really, I dont know why but I wasnt picturing you as ripped already but you have a TON of muscle! I am going to ebay now to find one of those HR monitors. Mine does not have the calorie thing built in--that would be an extra motivator!

Once again, smokin photo!


Oh--thanks for answering all my ?'s!

Jessica said...

C -
Not sure what happened - I had an error when I tried to upload the pic but it showed up for me. Should be on there now.
Krissa -
Are you referring to pink pic or gray tank/black shorts pic from today? Not sure which one you saw since the other was giving Cynthia an error. I think you will like the heart rate monitor w/calorie really makes you push yourself harder.
Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, throw on a tan and you look stage ready to me!

I mean it doesn't look like it's difficult for you to get ripped. So are you starting one of your bulking phases soon?


Jessica said...

C -
Yes! I am...need to map it out tonight and figure out timing. I haven't been very good about my lunch time lifts which is where I focus on heavy weight, perfect form and don't get real sweaty (so I can go back to work) and then do my conditioning at night or on the weekends. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the props on the pic...I still have lots of work to do but it is good to have encouragement.

dallas chica said...

Good Night Chica. Hopefully, I will look like your "before" photo once I get to the "after" part of my program. For interested parties, Jess is designing a nutrition/exercise program for me to drop the extra pounds (about 20) and get into the best shape of my life (make that 25-30). It is already brutal, but Jess I am inspired and you know it. THANK YOU my friend.

Jody said...

I love you before, during and after. You look awesome- I'm the fluffy one!

Jody said...

Hey fluffy... What's with chopping off the head? I want to see your pretty little mug up there on top!

Power Authority said...

Pasty white! Ewww..


You look so cute, what a Little Princess!