Monday, January 14, 2008

Da' Gym

Back at the gym over lunch today and AHHHHHHHHHH it felt good. Did shoulders again (still had 72 hours between workouts) but that is what the DH wanted to do. Did Smith Machine presses (5 sets), upright rows (5 sets) and cable cross over lat raises (3 sets). Felt great. Just nice to be back in there with the boys hanging out and doing the gym thing. Good times.

Didn't hit cardio this morning as planned but will tomorrow - for sure! Want to test out the lungs and make sure I am back in action before I do anything real crazy (like workout with Debbie :)).

Just a quick post to let you know I am officially on the mend! Still taking my super foods, still taking my vitamin c and good to go on sleep!

Remember - your body is the only thing that will be with you your entire life - take care of it!


Em :) said...

Girl. You look WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks for posting pix. One of my friends calls me a picture whore. In the nicest way possible. I love love pix! :) :)
Glad to hear you're feeling better, too! YAY for GOOD HEALTH!
I'll update my blog soon with PHAT CAMP info. F.R.E.A.K.I.N. A.M.A.Z.I.N.

Jessica said...

Em -

You better spill the beans and QUICK on the PHAT camp! I have a bunch of questions for you about the materials - and am hoping you could let me know if they have improved. I KNOW you had a blast - did you have any surprise guests?
Tell US ALL about it!

cathy said...

You look great. I really like that you advocate taking great care of yourself. Training like you do can suck the life right outta you!
Stay healthy. And you look great!

Cathy : from the JL forum

Suz said...

Everything I wanted to hear and more! Sleep, clean food and taking care of those lungs. URI will kick your butt with asmatha. And if I'm not mistaken I didn't see any muffin top. Can't say coughing isn't good for something makes those abs work hard!! Take it easy chica..slow and steady wins the race.

Jessica said...

Suz and Cathy -
Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! I love new visitors...please tell me also what you would like to see more of on the blog to keep coming back! :) More workouts, what I'm eating, pics, whatever! :)
Agree 100% on the slow and steady. One of my favorite analogies is the emergency airplane analogy....when there is an emergency your oxygen mask drops down and the instructions are for you to put yours on before helping those around you - why? Because if you don't have oxygen, how can you help others? Same goes for taking care of you - take care of yourself first so you can take better care of those around you.

Anonymous said...

I saw the gray tank and black shorts pic. Love it!

Glad you were back in the gym. Do you have an hour lunch break or can you take whatever you want? That would be such a luxury to get a good lunch break. I would 12 hour night shifts as a nurse and my breaks are 30 minutes at best, usually with interruptions scattered through it.

Yes, your lungs need COMPLETE recuperation before one of your CRAZY workouts with Debbie. I am sure you are looking to it!


Jessica said...

Krissa -

Here is the scoop with my job...I work an "8-5" job but usually work 50+ hours a week. The gym that I go to over lunch is about 5 minutes from my office so I usually take an our and a half for lunch to get there, change and get back to the office. Now, the challenge is that I can't workout like I do with Amber or Debbie - meaning I don't do conditioning - I just do traditional weight lifting with sets, reps and rests. I rarely break a sweat so I can go back to work quickly. I save my conditioning workouts for early morning,evening or weekends. I love to workout over lunch - I call it the triple threat: 1) You workout 2) You save $$ and 3) You eat healthy! :)