Monday, April 7, 2008

Doc Results & Lost 1.5lbs

Happy Monday everyone!

Got my doc results today and good news....everything checked out normal! The only thing that was off was my white blood cell count and they said that was normal as I was fighting strep throat. They DO want me to come in next month and get the CBC again just to check the white blood cells and make sure they have dropped back to normal levels.

I am pumped to know that there isn't anything medically wrong so now my 8 times in 6 months could be a few things:
1. Mold in my house or at my office.
2. Bad immune system.

So next steps are to get the house checked out just in case. We had a HUGE water leak in the attic/roof when we first moved in last year so the mold thing is a possibility and can affect your health. I know, sounds WACKY but my good friend Angela (who is an environmental inspector) told me these are very real problems.

I lost 1.5 lbs but not for the reason you think! Got food poisoning (mild but still not fun) on Saturday night and have been struggling with tummy issues the last two days. So, as Cynthia said - "you pooped 1.5 lbs" :) I ate a little bit today and hopefully will feel like working out tomorrow. Had no energy today.

I will vlog tomorrow so check back! :) Video camera is charged and ready to go!


Kelly O said...

Jess I hope you find out what the cause is...I can tell you another time the odd medical things I've been dealing with for the past year. I had a horrid staph infection from a spider bite, then had an appendectomy and while in the hospital I got this obscure bacterial infection that is STILL attacking my body - I'm actually pursuing action against the hospital because it is destroying the skin on my shoulder and chest and I've been on antibiotics for a YEAR with no healing! Double Ugh! I love being HEALTHY!! Hate being sick!! I'm thinking of ya!! Hang in there!

Cathy said...

Jess, I am glad to hear the tests were negative.
I thought they would be. You /we really push ourselves with this lifestyle, add that to job/relationships/ and everything else and sometimes they body says......back the bus up!
Have a great day,


Michelle said...

Congrats on the poundage sluffing!!! I'll take it any way I can get it...hey, if it takes food poisoning, then so be it...Smiles. Great belly pics!!!


Visionquester said...

Jess.. those pics you sent me.. those were the ones you wanted in the friends and family section of the new website right?

Glad everything checked out! Sometimes depression can wreak havoc on a person physically as well as mentally. That's what I found anyway.

Congrats to your dh btw. He's a better man than I.

Can't wait for the Vlog!


Jessica said...

Kelly - I hope I can find out too! Holy crap (you will soon find this is one of my favorite expressions - isn't that right ladies? :) LOL) I can't imagine how frustrating that must be for you with what you are going through and thanks so much for your thoughts.
Cathy-You are so right and I know I have been down in the dumps with a lot of stuff so I am sure my 'tude has something to do with it.
Michelle-I am with you sister! In fact, I may frequent the same restaurant in hopes of continuing my weight loss! LOL.
C-You are VERY funny. I will hunt you down and find you if you post those pics there! :))
I don't think I was depressed but I definitely wasn't as up as I am normally and I am SURE that had something to do with it! I will pass congrats on to my DH. He is a bad ass. We refer to his time as "off the couch" b/c of how little he trains. Annoying.

Anonymous said...

I made it! I'm's official...

Come check it out.