Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Vlog w/New Camera (Had Issues)

Hey guys!

It's my first Vlog with the new camera! Thanks Krissa cause it ROCKS the house! Although it is about 2 minutes shorter than it should have been b/c I guess the memory on the camera itself is SUPER tiny and we are going to have to buy a memory card. I was just chatting away, his stop and apparently it had stopped long before that.

I just woke up so apologies for the bed head and the no make up. WHOA! But ladies, this is how we roll - this is who we are and if we can't do a vlog with no make up here, what's the point?? :) And quite frankly, it is kind of boring - I promise more Superstar personality next time. It is like I am giving a work presentation or something. SNOOZE!

I gotta tell you guys my mood is SO much better and even though this food poisoning thing is getting me DOWN because I feel queasy all the time, I am so glad to feel better and be in better spirits. WOO HOO! Thanks to all of you guys for telling me to snap out of it! :) More later have a great day!

Oh, and the rest of my vlog had these major points that were cut off:
  • Cynthia - props to you for the bad a$$ website! Love it!
  • I am going to Vlog this weekend and have DH video me doing some cool moves I learned from Debbie for you guys.
  • Hitting the gym today for a workout and cardio - cross fingers I will keep enough food down to get something accomplished.
  • Will update my Fit Day log - been pretty much nothing followed by nothing. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you need the card. Ooops, I should have mentioned that. You look pretty without makeup :)

Looking forward to some vlogs of those crazy workouts!


Visionquester said...

Can't wait for the workout video!
and to hear what the Abelmeister had to say.

Fuma├ža said...

My sister made a video! Oh my god this is a huge jump in technological advancement. I cant wait to see what this is going to mean for your blog!

It is kind of like a "real world" testimonial. "real fitness by Jessica." It also has the feel of my morning talk show blog!


Jessica said...

Hey ladies!
Krissa - no worries! I think you told me that...what size card did you end up buying?
C- you will DEFINITELY be getting a workout video.
And fumaca (which means smoke in portugese) is my SISTA (her name is Anne) who is a bad ass and who trains at the Monkey Bar gym in Madison, WI. I am going to visit her at the end of the month and you can bet your a$$ we will be having some fun making some videos for you guys. She is in phenomenal shape.
Anner...I like the idea of the morning talk show. Nice.

Jessica said...

OH, and C, here is what the Abelmiester said...
First off, I got an out of office reply when I emailed him. But he had a contact for someone he works with who said this in response when I explained my situation and stats:
HI Jessica
I am sure Scott would go into more detail, but I would think at this time, you would need a custom diet to address some the issues you are facing. As well, a change in training via a custom training program. This way Scott can address your issues specifically. The Cycle Diet may be something for you down the road, but given what you have stated there are some issues you need to address and that is fixing any metabolic issues you have.

Scott would require more information about you to prescribe a diet and training protocol.
From my own experience with metabolic damage, there may be a period where you body just needs some down time to heal and you have to learn to bring balance back into your life. Again, it would depend on as well, how you dieted for your show. All of these details you would need to go over with Scott.
My recommendation would be either his coaching program, because it can be a long road back from any metabolic damage (and he would be there for every step of the way) or a one time diet/training program. He returns on the 14th.
Hope this helps!

Definitely looking forward to talking to him when he gets back from vaca. My only issue is that to do a coaching program it is a little pricey. His one time diet and training program is more reasonable but the training thing is high. Don't you agree?

B said...

you look great without make up I agree

love the whole vlog thing

Have a good one :)

Amber said...

Look at you go! Getting back on track! I will get there shortly, I just have to get a few minor life details worked out to be consistent in my workouts again. I'm going to have to get a few runs in this weekend if we are doing the 5K next weekend. I think I'm taking tonight off too, as much as I despise it. That 3 friggin' days this week for me, but what can you do? Anyhoo, I'm so happy that you have been hitting it hard again, despite the food poisoning. Bigtime kudos to you! K, girl, talk to you soon! Luv ya!

Jessica said...

Hey chica! Well, you know what I am like when I am on track and I HAVEN'T even been NEAR the track. Girl, you are in fantastic shape so you taking off three days this week is like most people working out every day and then some. :)
I am hitting it hard but the food poisoning set me back (again) but I feel revved up and ready to hit it hard so watch out - you may have your workout partner back. :)
Luv ya back and we will get lots of time on our feet this weekend - in fact, let's run instead of ride. What you think? Thanks for stopping by - missed ya.