Monday, April 28, 2008

Would the Real Tony G. Please Stand Up

Dear Visionquester,

You should run for politics because you clearly are an expert at spinning things to your advantage. This poll you have on your website is not representative of Tony Gonzalez. So, in fairness to him and the voting population, I am including pics of him that actually LOOK like him.

This is how he really looks when he is not squinting at the sun:

Here is my boy hanging with his friends:

And your boy looks like this: Does he have a comb??

Now, you can vote on for the real hottie.

And I think you just love your guy because he is a chef and you used to watch cooking shows while you worked out. Sad, sad stuff.



Visionquester said...

I still love my boy. Yours looks a should I say this so I don't offend???.... ummm ....
yours looks kinda femm-ie.


Mine has man fav.

Cathy said...


The "comb" he needs? That would be my fingers.....:)