Sunday, April 13, 2008

Runnin' for Love, Blog Changes and Weekly Recap

Happy Sunday all! What a great day to give some gratitude for all we have in our lives, eh? I am so thankful to be feeling better. Truly, this is the longest stretch I have felt this good. I feel like my body has been replaced by a new, improved version.

Today my hubby wanted to us to run together and let me tell you - it was less than ideal conditions. Some of those were personal for me and the others were the fact that it is 36 degrees and VERY windy and I had REALLY wanted to workout with Amber. But, as I posted yesterday, it was really important for me to get some running in with my DH. It is important to him and ultimately brings us closer. To make it worse, after we had gotten much too far from home to turn around, I realized I left my trail shoes. So all I had to run the 7 miles in mud from all the rain we have gotten lately was my Merrell Primo Chill's (the BEST shoe on the planet - if you don't have yet, you MUST get: Merrell Primo Chill or Chill Encore Shoes) or my black Nike gym shoes that are built more for fashion and I guarantee in a pinch maybe they THOUGHT they could be used from running but definitely not trail running. Anyway, I did it anyway. :) Black shoes and all. Seven miles of glorious running with my hubby. It was tough but I got through it. Hamstrings were screaming from yesterday.

Couple things on blog updates:
  • On the far right, I have a tip of the week. I may try to do tip of the day but also would rather under promise and over deliver. :)
  • ALL the way at the bottom I have a shake of the week.
  • Also, I have labels not all on my posts and their categories are on the right hand menu so you can look through and pull up all of my recipe posts, all my Debbie/Amber workouts, you get the idea. :)
And finally, I weighed in at 125.6 this morning so since a couple weeks ago I am down 2lbs but overall from about a month ago, I am down 3lbs (weighed in at 128.7 one day). If you notice my tip of the week at the right, it says not to weigh yourself for am month and focus on the image in the mirror and body comp so that is what I am going to do. No weighing, no handheld body fat monitor. Just me and my faith. :)

Below is my weekly recap...and let me just say, my workout yesterday was brutal. I may do bi's tris tonight but might also just take the day off from lifting. I am NOT going to post average calories and macros b/c of the food poisoning episode. I had a couple of 500 calorie days because of not keeping anything down or in me :) but My Fit Day log is up to date.

Off (I had FOF syndrome - fear of farting from the food poisoning - I will let you guess why I was fearful) LOL
Off - Continued FOF
Lat raise
Front raise
Reverse flye

Turbulence Training Hybrid (two workouts together)
Seated underhand row (3x6) ss w/
Incline dumbbell press (3x12)
Barbell row (3x8) ss w/
Standing shoulder press (3x10)
Snatch grip deadlift (3x8) ss w/
Sideplank - each side 30 seconds x 5
Good mornings (3x8) ss w/
Forward lunge (3x10) ss/
Bicep curls (3x8 alternating)
Intervals - 20 minutes
Flat bench 3x10
Incline 3x10
Flye 3x12

AM: Shoulders + Cardio
Arnold Presses 4x12 @20lb db SS w/Lateral Raises 4x15 @15lb db
Upright Row 4x12 @70lbs bb SS w/Front Raise 4x15 @30lb bb
30 minutes low intensity cardio on bike
6 Rounds of the Following:
2 minute run @ 8 min mile
20 squats smith machine w/70lbs
Kettle Bell swings - 1minute
1 minute rest
6 rounds of the Following:
12 Romanian deadlifts - 70lb barbell
20 Push ups
7 mile trail run

Have a great night everyone and I did write down my plan of action yesterday (down to my diet - which I never spend enough time planning) and will share with you guys in a VLOG soon. :)


Krissa said...

I realize you had a few bad days with diet while being sick-- but its time to start fussing at you about your calories on your good days! You dont eat much!!!! No wonder you dont feel so great---youre hungry!!! :)

Seriously, you only eat 1100 cals on most days right? Why not bump it to 1700 most days? I think you need some extra calories for a bit to boost your energy and being sick requires more calories and you have been giving it less. EAT EAT EAT!

Jessica said...

I actually usually get around 1300-1400 on my low days and around 1600 on higher days. That said, my diet is something I need to take as seriously as I do my workouts - planning wise. And yes! I need to hop up to 1700 for sure - 1700 clean calories! :) Thanks chica. Hope you are doing well!!! :) While I miss you, I also know you are doing what is good for you!