Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vlogcap and Definition of Insanity :)

Happy Hump Day Everyone! I am posting this vlog even though I recorded it on Sunday night and it is kind of late. :)

AND I must tell you my hubby recorded it and thought half way through he would focus in on my tatas. Funny for him, but not so much for me and those of you watching who have no interest in my tatas. Plus because I knew he was messing around I was a little distracted. I am going to have to MacGuyver some type of stand up thing for the video camera so I can do it myself. :)

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results.

I don't take my diet serious enough or approach it scientifically enough and I spend WAY too much time thinking and not enough doing. More to come on that whole topic. :)

Enjoy. I need to spice these up with something interesting and new...any ideas? :)

My weekly recap:

Back and Biceps
Pull ups (assisted 3x6)
Chin ups (assisted 3x8)
Bent over barbell rows (4x8 at 60lbs)
Wide grip pull downs (4x8 at 80lbs)
Barbell curls (4x8 at 50lbs)
Twisting curls (4x10 at 20lbs)
Wide, elbows in curls (3x12 at 15lbs)
Preacher curls on ball (3x8 at 15lbs)
Cardio - PM
Quarter mile repeats - sprint a quarter, walk a quarter 10 sprinting quarters - 55 minute total workout
Chest and triceps after cardio
Supersets of the following (repeated 4x)
Round 1:
Dumbbell chest press on ball (4x12 at 20lb each)
Close grip tricep push ups (4x10)
French press (4x12 at 20lbs)
Regular push ups (4x20)
Round 2:
Skull crushers (4x12 at 30lbs) immediately to close grip chest press to failure
Dumbbell unilateral kickback (4x15lbs)
Push ups (4x20)
Planned day off (two long 20 minute doggie walks)
5 mile run - 9 minute pace
Shoulders and Total Body Strength
Supersets 4x Through
Deadlifts - 15 @ 100lbs
Overhead barbell press 10 55lbs
Crunches w/KB on ball 20 reps
Upright barbell row 12 @ 55lbs
Round 2:
Side Laterals - 15 @ 15lbs
W Presses - 8 @ 20lbs
Front Raises 15 @ 10lbs
Bent Over Rear Flyes - 15 @ 10lbs
KB Swings 20 w/20lb KB
SL Deadlifts 15 @ 55lbs
Run 5k
Back (had planned back and bis but ran out of time)
Supersets 4x through:
Round 1:
Pull ups, assisted - 10x
Bent over ball bell row (70lbs)-15x
KB swings, 15x w/20lbs
Round 2:
Pull ups, assisted - 10x
Reverse pull ups, body weight 10x
Pull overs on swiss ball with 20lb KB (this was tough!)
45 mile, 2.5 hour bike ride -WHOA!

Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Dang, thats a long time on a skinny seat!!!! Good job!! Does your hubby do triathlons? Why such a long ride?

Sounds like you had a great week workout wise.

Maybe you could make a vlog doing some of your workouts and maybe one making one of your shakes!


Visionquester said...

Hey Jess,
I make exceptions for Vlogs of course.

Does your dh happen to misbehave in the Doctor's office as well? You know, like playing with the instruments and going through the cupboards and drawers while you are waiting?

Thanks for the encouraging words.
I am so over it. I have officially cut the cord upon my dh's recommendation.

I just made a good shake today...Dymatize Berry Blast Whey Protein/frozen strawberries/Diet Grape Shasta...

Your face looks squeeky and you get peels?


Tressa said...

nice vlog! i gotta get me a camera, cheap one? any recommendations?! good job on stepping it up- i'm working on that one! oh & i tried the oikos yogurt- not bad!!

ps. when u get around to it, you're still on my "waiting for feedback" list via ebay ;-)