Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gettin' Scientific

I realized the other day that I need to get scientific....plan out my workouts, my diet, my progression, map it out, track it. I know, basic but apparently during my kind-of-depression late-on-set-post-workout-blues, I forgot those basics.

I am not in love with the Turbulence Training workouts - FOR ME. There, I said it. I think they are a little too short for what I enjoy intensity wise. Now, does that mean I don't like how core and overall strength based they are -absolutely not. I think they are awesome for that and for someone newer to lifting, it is a good start. But now that I am back to being me, I have to be honest that I don't think it is the right fit to be the ONLY part of my training. Fair? (BTW, I revised that a little bit from my first post - not sure I was being fair to TT).

On Thursday last week I spent a lot of time thinking through what I did during contest prep last time b/c it worked. :) And here is what I came up with:

1. Lunch workouts work for me. While I can't get uber (one of my favorite words ever) sweaty and spend two hours at the gym, I love my lunch time posse and I love the feeling of going back to the office with my biceps/triceps/back/chest/shoulders blown up. I am lucky enough that my gym is literally 7 minutes from the office so it is easy for me to get there, workout and be back to my office in an hour and 15 minutes. Need to get back to those. Also, the lunch time workouts have triple benefits:
  • Workout.
  • Eat clean.
  • Don't spend any money.
2. AM cardio. I love AM cardio b/c no matter what happens I feel like I have done something for the day. The challenge with AM cardio is that when I was in contest prep I had to get up at 5 to get it in and that meant going to bed at 10 for just 7 hours of sleep. I think my body needs more sleep than that and has responded well to additional sleep the last few weeks. So, instead of 45 - 60 minutes, just get in 20-30 HIIT workout as many days as possible.

3. Food prep on Sundays. My DH pointed this out to me the other day about how I would do all this food prep on Sundays - cook a whole bunch of fish, a whole bunch of burgers, chicken, etc. I do food prep every day in the AM but that takes up more time. So food prep on Sundays and then be ready to go for the week.

4, Keep a paper log of food, workouts, mood, weight, etc. I haven't found a system I like yet online and while it is super easy for me to blog, fit day online is kind of a pain. But when I keep a paper log, for some reason I can do it better. I have a great log that I use that tracks all kinds of stuff.

Another thing: My DH loves to run races. He loves me to run races with him. I need to do more running and speed work (which will also help the booty) so I can run with him. It is the little things that will make him a happier hubby.

Oh, and meet my personal hero....I official have a girl crush on her. Which by the way is not a lesbo crush - I also have a girl crush on Jennifer Garner cause I used to watch Alias and she is also a bad a$$. But regardless, Noel C is amazing. Definitely girl crush which means I have a INCREDIBLE amount of admiration for her and love her body. Can you say BAD A$$? Look at her friggin shoulders: WHOA!

Today I write out the plan. I will share as I go. I'm back. It feels good.



Noel Clark said...

HI!! I just wanted to stop over here and check out your blog. So crazy that you put my video up here. I take that as a huge compliment. I will be reading along!


Jessica said...

OMG - I feel so special to have you visit my blog. Really, I mean that. I think you are amazing - really. You have so much strength and your definition is crazy. I can't wait to watch you continue to compete and train.
Thanks again and stop back soon!

Krissa said...

DAMN! She looks awesome! I have a girl crush now too! :)

I wish my pushups on the balls looked that effortless--flawless. Half the time I expend more energy getting back on the ball than I do executing the pushups!

Thanks for the video. Thats motivational.

Happy planning.

Cathy said...

Jess you are flowing with positive energy!
keep it up girl!

Jessica said...

Thanks guys! More later! :) Have a great SUNDAY!!!!

B said...

she is awesome!

I loved that

Kelly O said...

First of all, she is SO BADASS (girl in video) and second of all, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE THE SAME GIRL CRUSH AS ME ON JENNIFER GARNER!! I loved that show Alias, in fact I bought myself the ENTIRE 5 SEASON SET. She is the BOMB. And I too am NOT a lesbo. Ha ha if you read my older blog posts you will see some Jennifer Garner posts. Awesome. I miss that show.