Sunday, April 6, 2008

Props to Hubby, Weekly Recap and Revised Goal Measurement (thanks EM!)

First and foremost, I have to give mad props to my hubby who ran a half marathon today in 1:48minutes. A full 3 minutes under his time for last year! Congrats babe! You're awesome! I'm so proud of you!

All right guys...had a pretty good week...below is a summary:

Off - fasted in AM before blood tests
Back and Bi's
Pull ups - wide grip, assisted
Seated row pulley (was pumped I could still pull 100lbs on this)
Reverse pull ups on smith rack
Standing bicep curls with straight bar
Reverse curls
Twisting seated curls
Overhead press
Lateral raises
Front raises
Reverse flye
First Turbulence Workout=
Warm up (bw squats, core planks, push ups, rows - 10reps, 2sets)
Chest press super set w/bent over row
Reverse pull downs super set w/reverse flye
Close grip chest press super set w/incline bicep curls super set w/face pulls
23 minutes of intervals - 5 minute warm up w/1:1 intervals 7 times through w/5 minute cool down
Legs w/Olympic bar (no additional weight) on all exercises - did the following 4 times through with no rest in between:
Squats - 25 reps
Split squats - 15 reps each leg
Straight leg deadlift - 20 reps
Side lunge - 15 reps each leg
Bike for 20 minutes immediately after
Turbulence Training - Workout 2
Split squat w/6 inch raise, super set w/romanian deadlift -3x8
Reverse lunge super set w/elevated push up
Bicycle sit ups (3x30) super set w/jackknifes on ball (3x15)
Wasn't supposed to do intervals but jogged five minutes to a hill by my house and did 6 hill repeats
Ran the lake with my doggie who got VERY tired half way through and I had to walk most of way. Poor little fella. But I still got in a good 70 minutes of steady state. And ENJOYED the sunshine. :))

Overall, food for the week went like this (you can check out details at my fit day log by clicking on link on right):
1377 average calories - I am gonna go to 1500 b/c of small food items I might not have written down
On average, macro breakdown went like this for p/c/f: 43%/24%/32% (I had 1% for a glass of wine). I have found that I am very carb sensitive but I am also wondering if I am not seeing results perhaps I need make some changes to my food intake. I definitely know I need to increase my fresh veggies. But I definitely need to do more experimenting. Maybe a carb up day or two during the week.

My legs are officially over trained from leg intervals, light legs Friday night, TT legs on Saturday and my run today. Need to lay off of them for a few days and let them recover.

Will weigh in tomorrow morning although I have to tell scale has been saying the same weight for like the last 6 days so I think it may be off (weighs me the same no matter morning, noon or night within the tenth of a pound). Although I will use weight as a measurement tool, I will be more so focused on body fat and inches. My dear friend Em reminded me that it is about body comp and not about weight. So wise she is (sorry, watching Star Wars and had to break out some yoda talk).

Peace out all and a WONDERFUL Sunday night you have I hope. :)) Hee hee.
This is going to be an awesome week - I just know it! :)

P.S. Always open to comments/suggestions on workouts and nutrition.


Cathy said...

Jess, the pictures you posted just a few weeks ago are amazing. I agree that it is about the body comp and not the weight.
What one person looks like at 129 can look completely different on another. I know you have seen women who have nice abs but doughy arms and butts and vice versa. Each of us stores fat differently and each of us has those body parts that always look good no matter what. And honey you look great!
Have you ever thought of consulting the "champ" to clear up some of your food questions? I am not suggesting that you need help.....just that sometimes a neutral, knowledgable party can be really helpful.
And congrats to the hubman!

Kelly O said...

Hey Jess, I did a lot of food/diet talking with my trainer this afternoon. He knows what I've been doing since January and what I've been eating. I'd been at around 1700-1800 calories so when I told him I wanted to see better fat loss with my strength progress and muscle progress, she said ok lets try cutting 500 calories a day. He suggested that I start varying my breakfast; I Have been having oatmeal with protein powder literally every day. I'm going to start alternating every other day with either egg white omelete or 1 egg and a whole grain waffle - per his suggestion. I was doing two protein shakes a day, he said cut one out and do like an apple for my mid-morning snack. For lunch he wants me to vary my proteins too; eat some salads, make more fish at home; prep my food on sundays for the week etc. This guy knows his stuff, he is competing again in under 90 days and he's already lost close to 15 pounds in about 2.5 weeks. He highly suggests my evening post-workout meal be egg whites only - about 5 or cottage cheese. I have a Myoplex Lite bar on the way home from the gym and then one of those two. I can tell you more of what we talked about if you want to email me. I don't want to hog your blog hee hee ha ha ho ho.
;-) Also check my blog post for today talking about food ideas.

Jessica said...

Cathy -
I think I posted those pics in January and quite frankly, lots of time off from working has happened in between and while I appreciate the props I think the same picture now would look lots different but who knows - probably not as different as I think. :)
Yes, I have considered consulting the champ but not sure I am ready to make the investment until I am pre-contest again. Make sense? But I do think I need to approach my diet more scientifically and carb cycle, etc. Do you use JL for your diet and training or just training??? How is response time, etc? Thank you Cathy for the thoughts and feedback. I love your wisdom.
GREAT info! The only thing I am worried about is that I think I have been around 1300-1400 and now I am starting to wonder about metabolic damage. I may need to up my calories to 1800 or so for a few weeks and see if I can reset my metabolism. But I think your trainers are super smart and I love your recent blog posts. I will definitely email you! Thanks for the awesome info!

Kelly O said...

Hey Jess, the whole diet thing is a constant tweak isn't it? I'm going to be very serious with the 1300 calorie deal and I'm cutting back a bit on cardio....I also just ordered the book from on Hormonal Timing...I've heard GREAT things about it for women bodybuilders so I am pysched to learn from it, might help! I'll keep you posted.

Jessica said...

Hey Kelly,
Ok, how CRAZY is that - I just read about the hormonal timing thing and heard an interview with the buffmother chick and was very interested in the hormonal thing. You have to let me know all about it. I am going to start carb cycling tomorrow. I am recovering from a small bout with food posioning. :(
Keep working hard chica - you will get there!