Thursday, April 3, 2008

Me as A Petri Dish

I realized after having near bouts of narcolepsy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that Prednisone (took for the laryngitis) makes me very, very sleepy. Not sure why - just does. I am finally feeling like I have energy again. And overall, I am feeling better. Tired of not feeling good and moving on!

I am a BIG time noodler (thinker). Not that everyone else isn't a thinker too but I am always thinking about how to do this better/differently, etc. Most of my thinking lately has been around/about my health and getting back into a routine - any routine. :) Last night, I started reviewing my notebooks, programs, journals, etc. of workouts/nutrition and made a decision to follow in the footsteps of the great Cynthia Herndon and do an experiment on myself for the month of April. While this is partially contingent upon learning what the doc says from the test results, for the most part it won't have anything to do with those results unless they tell me I am dying. :) I know, I know - bad joke.

One of the programs I reviewed last night was a 30 day maximum fat loss Turbulence Training program I had downloaded it about 6 months ago. It requires four days a week for training and 2-3 additional days of HIIT (can also be added to the four days). The concept is non-competing supersets of a variety of different exercises followed by a 20-30 minute HIIT session. Turbulence Training has a variety of programs - regular, women specific, mass building (I will do this one next if the fat loss one passes my experiment) and the 30 day max fat loss (my April experiment).

Since one of my challenges over the last few months has been the length of time required to workout - TT offers a solution in that the time required is much smaller than my normal "perception" of how much time I need to workout. The reason I want to do this as an experiment is b/ c I am skeptical that my body comp changes will be as drastic as they claim they can be with such little time commitment. Or at least a time commitment I perceive as light. The experiment will be: what changes can I make to my body comp in 30 days with a 4 day training program (strength) and two to three interval training sessions. Ultimately my goal would be to achieve 16% BF since that has been my most recent goal however I think I am at 21% now and that may be unrealistic. Thoughts?

My fellow bloggers - has anyone out there DONE the TT program?

Thoughts? Feedback?

I will post before pics tonight along with body comp and measurements of key body parts and you can follow along with me. I will start the program tonight. I am really just looking for something to kick me in the butt and get me re-motivated!! :) Cynthia - you prompted me for this one...:)

AND the video camera gets here TOMORROW so watch out!
Peace out guys and have a happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I used TT. Well, I had a trainer that pretty much followed the same principle. I enojoeyed the workouts. They were intense, quick, and effective. At the time though, my diet sucked so I am not a good person to say if it works. I honestly think anything works with enough consistency and effort.

I cannot wait to hear your lab results. I know they have 1/2 of them back already. They would have called if something was totally crazy. My doc called me and asked which pharmacy to call in my IRON to. So they hopefully will do the same if you need anything.


Jessica said...

Sweet that you used it! I agree with you 100% that anything will work with consistency and effort. I have trained enough other ways that I will be able to gauge if this works at the same "pace" as other workouts. And between you and me (and everyone else who reads this :)) I think I really just wanted a goal and a program to stick to and making myself an experiment and getting to share it with you guys will be fun.
I called today and they said the doc would call me tomorrow and go over it all. :)

Anonymous said...

I actually did some of these workouts this past month. I liked them... but then again...I think I am a volume I would do them on a day when I didn't think Cross-Fit was enough.... Cause some of those Cross-Fit workouts only took 6 minutes.

I say...give it a go! I really do think it is more about diet than training or even cardio though.

I know a Pro that didn't do any cardio before her show. At least that's what she told me. All diet.

Jessica said...

Ok, I gotta know - what pro is it that you speak of with this no cardio thing?? :)
I really liked the workout - the key will be if it works.