Saturday, April 19, 2008


Just finished my first 5k in a long, long time. And since my running has SUCKED I was happy to pull off a 25:15. My hubby did AWESOME and finished 21:23!!! He is such a fantastic athlete - so proud. I also had the pleasure of running side by side with my friend Amber who has only done one other 5k and did great! Congrats Amber - you are awesome! The course also started on a hill and ended on a hill and had lots of other hills in between. :) The speed work I did this week and just general training had to help...and I was out there with my DH who I know was happy to see me cross the finish line. :) It felt good to dig deep.

I worked shoulders last night - I have decided that if me and the DH stay home at night I will put in some kind of lifting/MET training workout. I need to utilize my time better and make sure to get a good pump every day. Friday was CRAZY at work. My eats were awful. I didn't even have time to pee!! To pee people!! Which was pretty funny because like every half hour I said I gotta go to the bathroom and never did. :) But it was ok because I was so slammed I never went to fill up my water bottle.

And here is how awesome I ate on Friday (insert HUGE sarcastic tone here)...had my shake, had a 1/2 cup of Fiber one with protein milk and then didn't have anything else but two bites of a Trioplex bar and a mini Reese's PB cup until 6pm when I had an apple and some chicken breast on the way home. Then I had a turkey burger and rice cake post workout and downed a little protein before bed. But overall, bad timing and bad overall food consumption.

I am still updating my food log - hoping it is interesting to someone out there. :)

My vlogging has been terrible - I gotta apologize. I promise one this weekend. :)
Have a great weekend everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I like your fit day account. It gives me new meal ideas.

GREAT TIME!!!! That was awesome and especially for the first 5k in a long time! You should be really proud! And congrats to your hubby on his time as well!!! :)


Visionquester said... shit! Great time... you guys amaze me with your speed demon ways!

I do have to admit on Saturday night around 10:00 PM, I went for a 3 mile jog with my big white fluffy dog, under a full moon, 60 degrees, gently breeze, listening to my favorite Dave Matthews tunes wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a that is contest prep at it's finest.

I do love the races though too...not for me.. but to observe people like you with "heart" that simply amaze me.


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