Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is a quickie guys...happy Tuesday! :)

Had a GREAT workout tonight with the hubby. We went to the park and did quarter mile sprints alternating with walk/jog - 10 total sprints (ouch) for a total of 55 minute workout. WOW. My legs are screaming!!

And even though I was smoked and tired, when I got home I busted out a chest/triceps workout. And let me tell you how amazing it feels! Incredible. :) And I feel great! So for those of you reading this THINKING about IF you are going to workout - just do it. You will be glad you did.

The Freedom I speak of above is the freedom I feel of NOT getting on the scale every day. It is in front of my toilet so every time I use the bathroom I look at it. Now I don't worry about stepping on it, I KNOW I am working hard and I am excited to step on it - in 28 DAYS! :) And in the meantime I will work hard and know I am acheiving my goals.

Check out my food log (link on right)....I am trying to pick up my calories. Need to add another meal for sure...I am at 5 right now.

Be free...don't be a slave to any pair of jeans or scale or number. Love yourself. The rest will follow.


Hayley said...

Great post! I love your attitude about the scale...and I am working on the same thing as far as upping calories goes. I totally agree about working out! Sometimes we don't always feel like it but we're always glad afterwards.

Cathy said...

Hey lady.
Sounds like you had a great workout and had fun while doing it!

Jessica said...

Hey ladies.
Yes, the scale freedom is awesome! Calories up is HARD. Not easy for sure.
And yes, the workouts some times are a labor of love but I usually find a reason to do it and am always so happy I did. :)