Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Sigh

  • Sleeping in (no responsibilities of walking the dog)
  • Laying out by the pool
  • Great workouts (every day except for our first day!)
  • Sailing
  • Massages
  • Drinking
  • Eating (dessert even!)
  • Playing ping pong
  • More laying out by the pool
  • NOT working :)
  • Naps with my hubby by the beach
Life is good. Just wanted to say hi quick - we are leaving tomorrow but having a great time. :)

More when I return - have had some great workout! GREAT! Sore, sore, sore. Upper body toast. :)



Visionquester said...

Can't wait for pics!!!

Kelly O said...

So glad you are having a great time chick!

Krissa said...

Sounds great! Reminds me of Jamaica. I think the best part was not having a schedule on some days. No plans at all except doing whatever we wanted to. That was great.

I think it was more fun to workout away from home too. Broke up the routine a bit. Looks like you really worked out hard too. Good job!

I agree with Visionquester--you need to post pics!

Fuma├ža said...

That sounds incredible about now! I wish I could have visited you two there!