Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday! Paralyzed - Vacation Pics

Happy Friday all! Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL week! It has been NUTS for me with some all day meetings that came up last minute on Tuesday and Wednesday so that made balancing everything this week really tough. What I am really, really happy with is my eating! My workouts are leaving something to be desired and I will explain more about that in a few.

Here are some pics from our vacation in Mexico! We had such a wonderful time! It was absolutely heavenly relaxing and fun....Amber and Doon were also great to vacation with - definitely great travel partners!

Me outside our hotel room. Jody and Doon, HUGE storm coming in!

Me and Amber on the beach. Me and hubby (check out the sunburned hoo hoos).

Self portrait of me and the hubster. I love that guy!

Ok, so I got a little paralyzed this week b/c I did my swot analysis and realized I have some work to do! Whoa! I started thinking about everything I need to do and if I should hire a trainer, how long to lift heavy for, etc. and basically missed a couple workouts and just came to a stop - regardless - I have it figured out. YEAH! But remember, if you are having trouble with motivation it may be that you don't have to have a plan in place - you can still workout with a plan. :) I did not do such a good job of followign my own advice...hee hee but I ate great! So that is a positive!

Tomorrow I will post my SWOT analysis and before pictures (front side only :)) and give you all the plan.

Have a great weekend everyone! Love you guys!


Kelly O said...

Hey Chica!!!! Love the pictures and you look GREAT!!! Guess what? My CAMCORDER IS HERE!! Yay. It's charging. I'm going to Jay's girlfriend's first comp tomorrow and will use it big time.
Woot Woot!!

Stef said...

Great pix! I love love love Mexico!

Are you close to Cincinnati???


Jessica said...

Not close to Cinci - in Northwest Arkansas - and it is about a 10 hour drive to Cinci which is totally doable. The hubby and I love to drive places together.

Saw your Vlogs today Stef - crazy muscles! Whoa!

Kelly, I cannot WAIT to see your vlog. Seriously. No go do two hours of cardio! Hee hee hee hee. Inside joke everyone!

Stef said...

I guess since you were shooting for the NoKy, I thought you lived close. Too bad! I was going to recommend a great trainer that does "old school" training with high cals and low cardio. You would love him. I have used him before.

Anyway, can't wait til the NoKy to meet you!


Krissa said...

Your pics are so cute. You have a great bikini body! You two make a cute couple.

BTW: I do have a blog now. Check it out cause it has my wedding photos on it. :) Im not proud...he he :)

In case Steph sees this: how do I get access to your blog? I will be at the KY show too, so I will see you there.