Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vlog!!! All Hail Cynthia and Kelly - Queen Vloggers

All right ladies, I can't even get CLOSE to you guys for vlogging awesomeness but wanted to drop it in anyway!And major apologies for my hair and the bad lighting - sometimes the love of my life is so comfortable he doesn't want to help adjust hair or lighting - next time I promise to look cuter! And give you a bicep shot! :)

I had a VERY long day at work today but ate great and got in my workouts! Yeah! Hammies this morning and light shoulders/heavy arms tonight.

I love the new heavy lifting schedule! :)
Thanks to all my followers! Fikenator has joined the Juice Squeezing revolution!

Love you guys! Duh.


Jessica said...

Seriously guys - REALLY sorry about the hair and the lighting. NOT good. :) But still got the Vlog out there!

Stef said...

Love the vlog! It is nice to see people "for real". I love vlogging and do it a few times a week. Stop by sometime. I think I gave you an invite, didn't I?

Have a great day!


JOLT said...

Awesome!!!! Vlog is new for me of course I kind of just started blogging in the tail end of 2008!! The hair was fine it kind of makes you appearance mysterious LOL... Thanks for the advice woohoo...

lynnde said...

I am loving these vlogs that you ladies are doing. I am really learning a lot from all of you. I love it when you share what you eat and how you are training, as it really gives me a lot of insight. I also love the comment you made about making a choice and wanting something, and committing to it. I am looking forward to more vlogs from all of you ladies.

Jody said...

Guy Ritchie I'm not... I'm just a caveman lawyer! Next time we will get the lighting, sound, gaffing (?) and hair all spot on!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I was like hey wait did she just say my and yes, I seriously need to do another vlog. It's just everytime I think about doing one I look like total ass...Cynthia and Kelly are always cute and stuff lol! You looked great girl~vlogs rock!

Kelly O said...

HA HA HA my vlogs would be an hour if there wasn't a limit on YOUTUBE. I need help! Soooo good to see your cutie pie face chica AND thanks for the all-food call out. I'm now at ONE shake a day....and will go to the grocery store to get some alternatives for meals 4/ your ideas! MMM
First I gotta snag a JOB or I will have to turn tricks for groceries!

Krissa said...

Who cares how you look?? You are naturally cute anyway...

You are so on track and I am happy for you. Good job on eating whole foods. That is what I have been doing lately too and I feel much better. Plus, I am more satisfied than when I drink a semi-tasteful protein shake.