Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Recap

Hey y'all!

Not the best week for me but my training in Mexico was super intense so I don't feel terrible about it....definitely getting more consistent which is awesome! :)

Have a great Monday!

October 13th
Monday: 10 minute warm up - Day 3 of Ultimate Figure - mostly back, triceps, more shoulders - 90 minutes - sweaty!Tuesday: 10 minutes warm up - Day 4 of Ultimate Figure Program - mostly chest, shoulders, core - 90 minutes AGAIN. Hard core!Wednesday: Travel day - off
Thursday: 90 minute upper circuits - very tired
Friday: Off
Saturday: 10k AM - 53 minutes
Sunday: UFP (upper body) Day 2 - modified with additional conditioning drills - 70 minutes - Amber workout!



Visionquester said...

Sounds pretty intense to me... hey..didn't you say you had some news....

(Siouxcountry Pro of the Week)

Jessica said...

I do have some news....I have a draft started and will post it tonight! I am very excited. :)


Stef said...


Kelly O said...

TEASE!! Hey chica- I need to order my camcorder this week so I can start vlogging. I asked around on Twitter and heard about Canon rs100 I think? What do you use? LMK!!

It is 7pm and I am just now kind of stopping work for a bit. Egads. So glad you loved vacation!!