Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jeans....Progress....2 Days to Go

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had a GREAT weekend and I officially only have TWO DAYS to go until my wonderful SECOND HONEYMOON with my wonderful husband!!

For those of you who haven't been following my blog long, we did not have the greatest honeymoon. We chose to go with another couple that we had gone on MULTIPLE trips with in the past and had a WONDERFUL time...unfortunately, for our honeymoon they were beginning the end of their 20 year marriage. One marriage began and another we are truly looking at this as a re-do to our first honeymoon and I just can't wait!!! I have so much love for my hubby and to spend a week with him in Mexico will be heaven.

So, I have been busting it hard for the last four weeks consistently on my workouts and been doing good on my diet for the last six weeks....but haven't been obsessing over the scale or anything - just feeling better overall. Last night we went to dinner with some friends which always spurs the "oh crap, what will I wear" conversation with myself - specifically about jeans b/c the one pair I feel good in are kind of old. Well, I saw a pair I had bought 6 months ago that I really couldn't get past my hips when I got them (ordered online) and I thought "you have made some progress, give them a shot" and low and behold, they fit and looked pretty good -but more than anything I was proud of myself. I have been working hard but also really being positive and not talking down to is all positive. What I do want everyone to know is that my mind set is SO different right now and I attribute that to a few things:
  • Finding the support my hubby has always given me and listening to him when he told me to stop beating myself up and just be happy with me
  • Taking a long time off after truly burning myself out
  • Finding Scott Abel and his forums to better understand the science and metaphysics of training
  • Letting go - knowing things will happen if I just let them happen
Have a great week everyone! I will do a weekly recap tomorrow! I might get in a bit more yet tonight! Watch out bikini - HERE I COME!


Kelly O said...

Girl I am so glad you are you. You inspire me and coach me so well. XOXO

Kelly O said...

Girl tell me more about your German Volume Training too! I need to try that!

Anna with Revolution said...

I found you through Kelly and VQ and some others and am not sure I've ever piped up so Hello. And..
Love me some Scott Abel.
Keep it up!

Jody said...

Those jeans looked awesome!

B said...

I love the old jeans test- that feeling when you put them on and they fit!! love it

have a great time on your trip

Tressa said...

congrats hon & happy 2 yr anniversary! have heaps of fun!!

EM :) said...

OH you're sooooo close to your vaca! You better have a BALL and take lots of pix!
Lots of love~

Jessica said...

Thanks so much ladies! You guys are all so awesome! Love, love, love love the support! I will be checking in on my favorite blogs while I am gone!