Saturday, October 25, 2008

SWOT Analysis

Hey all! Cynthia encouraged me to do a SWOT analysis from my last show and current pics so I can dial in on areas of weakness and keep momentum on the areas that are currently strong.

Here is what I came up with (and I believe I have Cynthia's concurrence ;)) based on pics from last show:

Waist to hip ratio - symmetry

Leg shape - I have long legs for 5'3"
Overall presentation (I don't look like a dude)

Wide hips - bone structure
Butt/leg conditioning
Shoulders - width and size

Here is my current "before pic"...and let me just say that normally I wouldn't post this but I really don't care. :) I know what this process requires and this is part of it! :) You WILL NOT be getting butt shot (current). :) Kelly GIRL - I KNOW you look better than this so I expect before pics ASAP. I mean, check out my make up and hair - AWESOME.

My focus will be on the body parts mentioned above. The plan or how I will get there is coming tomorrow!

Would love to get all of your thoughts/comments on my SWOT analysis and see if you have any additional comments or feedback - I welcome it all - positive AND negative. I don't take it personally, it is simply part of the process.

More later kids!


Krissa said...

You have an excellent starting point to compete. I like that bikini too---white is awesome against a tan.

One thing---I dont think your hips qualify as wide.

You do have some long legs now that you mention it!

I had never seen that back shot before. I bet in other shots it looked even wider because you were not bringing out the lats in that pic.

You are going to do so well. You seem pumped about it. Thanks for posting the pics.

Kelly O said...

Girl, Sherry was just picking on my today for sending out pictures!! I'm scared!!
BUT I have my first VLOG tonight....the upload is taking a while.....dang. Ok, more to follow. Jay is starting me on a new diet tomorrow...

Visionquester said...

that is what I said about the back...

I would like to see her with lats.. flared... It might really change perspecitve.


April said...

I was reading your analysis and I thought I wrote that! I have the same good things which then in turn bring out the bad things. I believe we can change that though! I'm also 5'3 with longer legs which means my torse is shorter blah...this is to weird. I have a hard time with my upper body as well. It tends to lean out too much but in the meantime I hold fat in my tricep area. I know the muscle is there I just need to get leaner. Sorry for the book but it's nice to have someone to relate too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, you have a nice balance to your physique.