Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekly Recap and Post Vacation (No Pics Yet)

All right my friends, we are back from vacation and so relaxed. I can't tell you how wonderful our trip was...I didn't have to work at all (although I logged on for about an hour one of the days when it was raining) and we just relaxed and hung out. We went sailing....and three massages (yes, THREE) two - almost three books - ate lots of wonderful food and hung out in my bikini and was ok with it. :) I drank some and had deserts and slept in and worked out EVERY DAY! I love, love, love to workout.

Most importantly though, I spend the week with my husband and had the most wonderful quality time with him. I am so blessed to have him in my life and it was truly a honeymoon. But something else happens when you are as in love as we are....every day feels kind of like a honeymoon - really. I know, cheesy but true. So the best part of vacation is spending so much time together and having no interruptions. I will post lots of pics when I have them from my friend Amber b/c our camera battery died.

I did want to share with all of you how nice it was to be in my bikini and not care about how I I cared enough that I waxed :) and shaved my legs, but I wasn't paranoid - I just went with it and enjoyed it. I wasn't going to let not being in the best shape ruin my vacation. I just wanted to enjoy it and I did. For all of you who have ever spent time in a bikini uncomfortable and irritated, let me tell you how nice it is to be on the other side of that feeling. :)

We had a little drama on the way home...flight delayed and then we didn't get our bags but who cares....we were home with all our stuff.

Here is my weekly recap from the week before - I took Wednseday off and am probably taking tonight off too (unless I get crazy in the next half hour) - pretty tired from the travel and not sleeping well last night. But glad to be home.

Week of Oct 6th:

Monday: AM Conditioning Drills - jumping jacks, squat jacks, spiderman push up hops, towel drills, abs, burpees, core and much, much more! :) 90 minutes plus 20 jog after - sweaty, sweaty gumdrops!
Tuesday: AM HIIT intervals - 5 minute warm up; 10 (increased by two!) sets of 1 minute at 6 minute miles, 30 second squat hold, 90 seconds at 10 minute miles; 20 minute jog; PM Upper body circuits - focus on chest, biceps, triceps, core - 100 minutes - WHEW!
Wednesday: GVT: 10x10 of bicep curls, shoulder press, shoulder fly 300 reps at 4:30 am!
Thursday: Circuit workout with Amber at hotel gym + burpee challenge. 100 minutes of brutalness!
Friday: Hotel gym: 10 minute warm up - leg circuit workout 90 minutes YOWZA! Followed by massage! ahhhhh.
Saturday: Hotel gym: 10 minute warm up - 60 minutes legs - ham/glute focus; shoulders and triceps in metabolic circuits - abs 30 minutes - AWESOME! Amber & Jess reunion
Sunday: 10 minute warm up - Day 2 of Ultimate Figure Program - mostly biceps, shoulders, back - core - 90 minutes hard core!

Missed you guys! Thanks to Amber for all the great workouts on vacation! :)


Krissa said...

Where are you coming up with these crazy workouts? They look fun!

I am sure you looked fantastic in your bikini. I didnt care in Jamaica either. At times I did, but then I realized no one else there was perfect and they didnt seem to care.

Visionquester said...

Sounds devine!!

Kelly O said...

So glad you had a good time. I can't wait to pull together a Girls Getaway Spa vacation and whoever can come join will do so. How fun would that be? Sadly I am putting off my vacation until 2009 early, so I can let some dust settle at my company....but that gives me time to focus on my training right?