Thursday, March 20, 2008

Affirmations and My Schwetty's Gym :))

FIRST of all, I apologize for how large the new picture is on the right. When I check the box to make the image fit the screen it is like an inch tall so I figured either an inch tall or 12 inches tall so I went with the 12 inches. ;) I do love the picture because it was my first contest and I got first and I couldn't stop smiling. And I was waving at my hubby. Love that guy. I do.

I'm having a great workout week. It's like once I let go of what I thought I HAD to do, it is coming so easily for me. I took yesterday off because my hubby was sick and I wanted to spend some QT with my hubby. And I was really sore from jumping back into it as well. Today was my third AM cardio day this week and it has been a LONG time since I have done cardio so often in the mornings. I am so excited to see how my body reacts. That is one of my favorite things about working out - that feeling of your body changing and improving.

So, I posted on Visionquester's blog on a comment about my daily affirmation cards and I wanted to share some with you. Yes, this is a cheesy way for me to put a picture on my blog because I have been slacking but watch out, I have more pics to come! :)

My affirmation cards are just on 3.5 x 5 inch note cards and I have the following statements on them:
  • I love my body.
  • I am healthy and my immune system is strong.
  • My abs are lean and toned.
  • My lower body is lean and toned.
  • Exercise comes first in my life.
  • My body fat is 16%.
  • I am sexy and confident.
Now, I read these while I am doing my morning cardio. I focus on each card and then I visualize each of the affirmations. And I know some of you may think affirmations are silly but I think they are key to success. If you don't believe that you are the things you want to be, you will never get there. I like them so much that I am going to make a second set and keep at work. I have other cards that have other, non-fitness related affirmations but when I read them I literally get happier and feel better. You should try it. And speak in the affirmative - the active - NOT the passive. So instead of saying "I will be 16% body fat" say "My body fat IS 16%." Try it. Believe it. Visualize it. See it.

I also wanted each of you to see my workout room. These pics are tough because it is hard to take a picture since the room is small and it is hard to get a good vantage point to take the picture. But, as you can see, I have a pretty good gym set up. The Body Solid gym we have has an olympic bar and a smith rack (which I LOVE for legs). I also have attachments for leg extension and hamstring curls. And I also have a preacher curl attachment. LOVE IT. I have a trainer for my road bike so that is how I do cycling cardio at home.
The ONLY additional gym equipment I would want it a step mill cause it is my favorite cardio equipment.

This is the Body Solid gym we have. My treadmill is over in the corner on the right (it is a space saver and is currently in space saving position).

These are just my dumbbells, medicine ball and ab wheel. Above the bookcase is a TV.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am experimenting with food/exercise software to track food and workouts. I may do the fitday log online like Visionquester but I also am testing this Weighmainia software (google it) because I can keep it on my Treo and then it all links together. The key is for me to log it in.

But for now, I am going to post my daily meals for today so you can get an idea of my food:
  • 7am: Protein shake w/6oz. Enhanced Soy Milk (4 carbs); Vanilla protein powder; 1 scoop super food, 1TBS flax seed oil.
  • 10am: 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg; 2 oz ground turkey w/taco seasoning, 1 TBS low fat ricotta cheese mixed together.
  • 1pm: 1 piece of canadian bacon pizza (work meeting) w/side salad and light Italian dressing. 4pm: Egg white waffle - 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg; 1TBS milled flax seed; 1tsp cinnamon; 1/2 scoop vanilla protein.
  • 6:30pm: 1 small apple, 1TBS Naturally More PB w/1/2 scoop protein powder mixed together for dipping.
  • 9pm: 1/2 banana, 4 egg whites and salad with vinaigrette.
So far, that is it. I am doing legs tonight and 1/2 hour of cardio after. I will have some of fast digesting protein after (probably egg whites) along with a salad and some veggies.

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts. Will post my leg workout later. :))
Have a great week and visualize, visualize, visualize. Eventually what you visualize will happen.


Krissa said...

What a pictures!!!! Just kidding. Sounds like you do have a nice setup. I told my boyfriend that I want a stepmill too whenever we get a home. Taking stairs is actually supposed to be the best bone strengthener and stimulator. I just love it. But...they are pretty $$$$$$!!!! A good one is anyway.

We like the big pic btw.

Do you have anything with some fast digesting sugars after a workout? I always thought it was better to consume some kind of sugar with your fast digesting protein so it gets to your muscles quicker. Like, whey protein and a ripe banana. Or choc milk. r gatorade followed by whey protein. Just a thought. I know you train hard so I am sure you want that food to its source quick!


Jessica said...

Ha ha! Now you have pictures! Got my problem fixes. User error, of course.
Yeah, step mills rule.
I always have some kind of fast digesting carb - should have said that. I eat a slow digesting about 1/2 hour to an hour before my workout - like an apple - and a fast digesting (banana) after w/protein. My bad.

Cathy said...

Hi babes!
Your picture is fantatsic! So beautiful!
I love the affirmation cards, reminds me of THE valerie Waugaman! A great way to inspire yourself and others.
I think I will be a copycat!
Thanks for the refer on the protein powder.
I need good tasting protein powder!
Not eating enough when I am at work, because we are so busy, so my muscle mass is down a bit :(
Its very frustrating.
Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

I think you could definitely do lettering for a comic book. Seriously... that is some awesome printing. have a full gym at home!
I just live at the gym instead.

I didn't know you placed 1st in your first show! That's awesome! What show was it?

I just write messages to myself in my workout log. Sounds like you're getting your mojo back.


Anonymous said...

Thats exactly what I thought when I saw your writing--love it!


Krissa said...

I just thought of something. I purchased the FitDay software from them. It is way better than the free version (just my personal observation.) I could mail it to you, you download it, then send it back. I know that could possibly be illegal huh? If you would like to try it out, shoot me an email with your addy at

EM :) said...

I love your schwettys!!!!!!!! Do you have a name for it??
Also, add me to the list of athletes (that's us) who want a freakin stepmill. YES PLEASE! Talk about a love-hate relationship!
I will copy! :)

Michelle said...

Hey, chickie! You are an absolute inspiration. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I loved the blog so much I ran out and created my first blog ever!!! (I will email u the link) I feel psyched and can't wait to reach my PPP (personal peak performance).... Watch Out!!!! I would love to know my BF so I can determine my goals...will you help me?!? That is foreign to me...

BTW, Your pic is awesome and I know your hubby was sooo proud of you on stage. Competition or will feel awesome about yourself and your life and have more to offer your loved ones operating at your peak!!! Keep it up!! Smiles... :-)

Jessica said...

Hello ladies! Happy Saturday! I DO have my mojo back C and I LOVE IT! I have missed it - big time?? What was I thinking to fall off the wagon???
I don't have a name for my schwetty gym yet Em but now YOU have inspired me. Maybe I will call it Hanz & Franz Pumpatorium. What do you think??? ;)
Thanks so much for liking my affirmation cards Cathy and all - I really believe in positive thinking. My hubby does think they are goofy - but you know boys, they usually are out of touch with their deep down feelings and wouldn't admit to it anyway! :)
Michelle, I am so glad I inspired you - it is the BIGGEST compliment I can receive in life - to know that something I have done or am doing is inspiring another. It is TRULY my ultimate goal in life!
Ok guys, I am off to my other job - Marvel Comics, Dialog Balloon Technician. :)
Have a great weekend all!

EM :) said...

Oh, just wanted to mention that I LOVE pro-powder mixed with almond butter. Add a little water, nuke it for about 8-10 seconds & it's perfect for apple OR rice cakes. Yum yum! :)