Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Fired Up - WANT MY HOUR BACK!

Hey guys....didn't want the day to go by without posting. I was so fired up on Sunday and then got SLAMMED with work today! SLAMMED. I am still working (yes, it is 11:15 and I got up at 5:30am and am getting up tomorrow at 5:30) and will have a crazy day tomorrow too.

But I am dedicated to my ladies!! :)

Cathy - you ROCK on starting your own blog. Visited it BRIEFLY and will go back for more tomorrow.

As for bulking plan, I promise it is coming tomorrow.....and I also promise that this week you will see me with a new post every day! Something - anything! :)

Intervals this morning with treadmill and kettlebell - 30 minutes - 2 minutes walking uphill on treadmill with 1 minute kettlebell squats (450 calories). Was SO HAPPY to workout in the am.

More tomorrow LADIES! :)

C - you are a BAD ASS!


Krissa said...

Hope things are slowing down for you can post!!!!!!

Cathy said...

Hope you are not being consumed by work!
I had "internet connection" issues for most of the day.
So very frustrating!


Susan said...

Chica..what a workhorse you are! Do they know what they have in the 110% Jessica? I think they may be on to you! Find some you time that doesn't include the laptop or the gym. Go out and enjoy a tuna boat under the sun! Wish I could help row you through the storm. :))