Saturday, March 29, 2008

First VLOG Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright guys....I did it...I vlogged using my treo. Be patient as I am ramping up to vlog hood plus my treo is terrible for sound and video but I still VLOGGED! :) Yeah!

Let the comments come! :)

Have a good one! ;)

P.S. SORRY for the inner nose shot at the end. That's what happens when you film yourself with a Treo. I will keep my head down from now on! :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Holy crap!!! You ARE sick!!! Get up to the bed and quick.

How high can your body fat be??? Your face is super thin....

Love your workout room and jealous I don't have one, although I wouldn't use it because....

Here's my secret....working out at the gym IS my IS my IS my escape. Otherwise I walk around like I want to kill someone for breathing too loud. Honestly.... I can't stand to hear my dh breath. lol

Yeah...definitely need some cuddle time in the bed. I say two full days minimum.

Love the Vlog! I am so glad we have all done this! You look like you have a beautiful your hard work is paying off in that respect.

Kudos to you! :)

Hope I'm not too hard on you...
~ C.

Krissa said...

YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! A VLOG!!!! COOL! I wish I had a workout room like that. I will soon though.

Your voice does sounds pretty rough. Hope you get back into the swing of doing those little "good for you" things. The biggest one is rest.

I am so glad you vlogged and I am looking forward to more more more!!!!

Jessica said...

Headed to dinner with DH to get out of this darn house but just wanted to say a quick thanks guys! I was so excited to do it that I didn't worry about make up, hair, cleaning my workout room - NOTHING but delivering my first vlog to my girls! :)
C- you are NEVER too hard on me.
More later gals. Love you guys!

Cathy said...

Holy Crap .......your voice sounds like s---!!!
I hope you feel better than you sound!
Sending you all my best feel better soon vibes.
Have a good, healthy weekend.

EM :) said...

Your weight rake ROCKS I'm so jealous!!!!!!! :)
Hope you enjoyed dinner.......NOW GO TO BED! :)

Jessica said...

Hay ladies!!! :)
So, I knew you would all get a kick out of "the voice" - my man voice. And it wasn't necessarily meant to make you all feel bad for me for being sick but I do appreciate all the sympathy. :))
C-I think the BF is around 21% or so - but my face has gotten a lot thinner over the years and with my hair pulled back it probably just looks thinner than it is. I tried to talk the DH into two days of hard core snuggle but mostly got a full day split between Sat and Sun. We are very fortunate to have a very nice home. And you are never too hard on me!
All - thanks for the props on the weight room - I LOVE it. I also like going to the gym but love being able to get AS GOOD of a workout in the comfort of my own home.
Thanks for all the sweet comments guys - more vlogging to come - just WAIT until I get my video camera!