Thursday, March 27, 2008


P.S. I lost my voice today around 10am. I sounded like Kathleen Turner going through a sex change for about two hours and then lost my voice completely. I call it my Mangina Gina from the 40 year old virgin. :) My DH is happy for a break in silence. :)) Hee hee.

If only I could RECORD my sexy voice for you guys..... :) Krissa, I posted on your blog asking for the exact model number of your video camera. No more excuses! :))


P.P.S: I removed my countdown to Figure Nationals. And I felt good about it. I'm not ready to put a date out there yet....if at all. :)


Anonymous said...

Definitely Eptein Barr Virus then.

I know all this stuff because I've been a hypochondriac for years!


Anonymous said...


Krissa said...

I just found it on Circuit City. Not at best buy anymore. Model # APK AHDBLUE. It says A-HD HD Camcorder-Blue. Just search Aipteck on Circuit City. Only 129. Cheap and easy to use if you are just wanting something for vlogging. Takes good pics too.

Sorry about the voice. That is sooooo frustrating to me.