Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

You guys know that on special days like today, I like to show my gratitude and be thankful for all the wonderful things in my life. And of course, that means all of you!

So first, HAPPY EASTER!!! I hope each of you are doing something fun like hanging out with your families and enjoying an Easter service or home cooked meal.

For me this week, my gratitude is HIGH! I am always thankful everyday for all the wonderful things in my life, but holidays increase my gratitude. This week I am especially grateful for discipline and goal setting as I was able to set fitness goals and stick to them NO MATTER WHAT. :) Had a long talk with the hubby last night and I am just not sure if the competition life is for me but I am also not sure if I am ready to hang up the heels. Until I achieve my recent body fat goal and get a sense of maintaining that I won't be ready to talk about competing again.

I haven't taken my stats this week and won't until tomorrow (will post of course). My suspicion is that I haven't lost any weight but that my body comp has changed and I am fine with that! I would rather have a shift in body comp any day over losing muscle and fat.

You can see my workouts on the right. I have also decided that I will start an online fitday log so you guys can check out my eats. I will do that today or tonight and post a link.

Have a wonderful easter!



EM :) said...

HEY J!!! Hope you're having an egg-cellent day. har har.
So, just wanted to say that I KNOW you're gonna figure out what's right. Whether it's competing in the near future, or in a year or two. Just let it happen, let it fall into place. Keep on trudgin!!
Are you still working with your trainer?
I tell you what, it's too bad C, K, you & myself (i'm sure that's not grammatically correct.....)
don't all live in the same city or state, because I KNOW we would just bust each others butts all the time & we'd have this non-stop supply of amazing workouts!!! :) We'd take the competition stages by STORM!!! the meantime, we'll just continue supporting each other thru this wonderful world of blogs! :)
Hey, I vlogged........... :)

Anonymous said...

The Brat that would be cool. It would make us all better athletes to have that extra little competitive spirit going on face to face.

I vote I can get in touch with my Vision Quest roots!


Oh, and Jessica...Hi! Happy Easter to you too. I didn't mean to delete your just went with the post I deleted.. I felt that is was a bit too corny to leave up there. (I felt exposed)

You will get to your body fat goal, feel like a million bucks and be ready and willing to show the world and kick some butt.

Hey this is supposed to be fun, right? If it wasn't fun...then why do we do it? I am glad to take this break from my annual periodized training to play around at the gym and have some fun. All work and no play makes _______ a dull girl.


Can't wait to see the eats...maybe it will give me some new ideas.

Michelle said...

Hey, J&J!

Happy EASTER to you both!!! I know you rocked the southern 'ville (I hope you got to go) with your fun loving personalities. I LOVE the holidays...and am so thankful for family and friends. I have to remind myself to hand my worries over to God and trust that he will take care of them and provide for me and my family in every area of our lives. When I need it most, I actually hear him say to me, "Go on girl, I've got this one!"

Moral of the Story: DON'T WORRRY, BE HAPPY!!! SMILES :-)

Pressin' On,


Jessica said...

Hey my little chickadess! Thanks for everyone's Easter wishes! You guys rock.
Ah, yea, like I haven't already thought about how cool it would be for all of us to get together and hang out. It would be awesome!!!
I haven't worked out with my trainer in awhile - I need to find a time that works better for me and also her. I am confident that I will find what is right for me - but competing may or may not be in my future. And that's ok. :)
And yes, I will NEVER get up the blogging cause I would miss you guys too much!