Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Recap and Plan for the Week

First off, I just want to give a shout out to my girl Krissa who wrote down some serious goals for herself and I LOVE IT. They are real, measurable and achievable.

My goal is to achieve 17% body fat by April 30th which gives me 7 or so weeks and approximately 6 lbs to lose. Sounds easy but we all know what goes into that. And yes C, ultimately I just want to look better and feel better about myself but I also know that feeling better about myself means knowing I can reach a goal and get into my clothes and feel good about it.

I asked my hubby to help me with the math on how much I needed to lose to get to to 17% BF and he gave me the "I don't know the math on that stuff babe, I just go out and do it. If I want to run a 20 min 5k, I just go run and know I will be better." This is a point of irritation for him (always has been :) peetie, I love you - you know I do!). So I said to him: "Yeah, but you are still going to look at the time to see if you can run faster at the end of a race - how else would you know if you finished faster?" And BAM - I got him. He smiled, nodded his head and conceded.

I am not 100% sure of my lean body mass at the moment but my guess is it is around 100-1o3lbs and I currently weigh 126-127. I am not sure on lean body mass because I do think I added some muscle this fall but lost some with my lack of activity last few months. At 21-22% body fat, I need to lose about 6-7lbs to hit 17%. I am shooting for 7lbs or 1lb of fat loss per week. Doable and reasonable.

How will I get there?

Cardio: 5 cardio sessions a week, empty stomach workouts - 4 HIIT sessions and 1 LSD cardio. My HIIT sessions will last about 30 minutes and LSD will be around 45-50.
Weights: 5-6x per week focusing on high reps and lower weights. 2x per week, cardio after weights.
Diet: Clean during the week and then two cheat meals on the weekend.

I am excited. I feel this is a very doable plan. After I get there, I will focus on gaining lean muscle tissue. I read that JL has 114lbs of lean muscle. WOW. That's 11+ more than me. Crazy.

Oh, and by the way - I also made a decision that IF, just IF, I can't get to the gym during the day for a workout over lunch I will workout at home - no matter what. Period. Even if it is just a half hour.

Today I had a great workout at the park - burned 850 calories in about 90 minutes at the park. Amber and I brought the EZ Bar and a bunch of plates, kettlebells, a medicine ball, etc. Rode the lake and then did a leg/ab workout.

Saturday we went to the gym and had a great upper body/ab workout. 720 calories in 80 minutes.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Krissa I do think you are right - this is going to be a great year for all of us! We are all having the same epiphanies!!!

Here is the previous week's workouts copied from the right hand side of my blog - I will do this weekly to summarize and track workouts:
Upper body workout
Off (did a few small 20 minute workouts here and there)
Bicep/tricep workout at home
Amber and Jessica workout reunion!
Chest press supersetted w/overhead press
Kettlebell squats
Tricep presses supersetted w/shoulder raises
Kettlebell lunges
Forward moving kettlebell walk (w/20lb KB)
5.5 Mountain Bike - 40 minutes (450 calories)
4 supersets of walking lunges with 20lb kettlebells each hand w/four = one lunges and squats to 16
4 supersets of deadlifts w/100lbs to 12 w/straight legged deadlifts to 20
Medicine ball toss
1 minute planks


Krissa said...

So how do you figure out the math on bf and pounds? Just curious how you know you will be around 17%bf when you drop 6-7 pounds. I have never really learned that.

That still sounds like a lot of exercise! Not that I dont think you can do it because obviously you can. I just thought you were cutting back some.

That sounds like a fun park workout. I bet you guys looked cool! :)

I think your husband and my future hubby think a lot alike. Andy really has the "just do it" motto. It really works for him. I know I OVER think this stuff sometimes. He sets me straight. I wish I was more like him especially since he begins his official IronMan training tomorrow. He is a cardio machine.

Hope your week is a good one. Nice and slow at work and intense at the gym!

Anonymous said...

Not exactly sure why you called me out on this one??

Sounds like you got yourself a very doable plan. I agree with you about feeling good when you know you can reach a goal. I think a lot of the frustration is less about actual body image as it is about being dissapointed in yourself for being unable to pull it together enough to go after your goals. Once you are on your way it feels sooo much better.


EM :) said...

Again, you look like you've got everything figured out. You're obviously very goal-oriented & I think that's awesome!!!! I like to take it ONE DAY at a time, but I do see where a 'long-term' vision can be very helpful, too! Gotta invision where you see yourself in the next month or two.
KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Hey guys!
Krissa - I got to my bf and pounds through a very a hand held electrostatic fat monitor I use with my weight. If I weigh 127.5 and am 21% bf that means I have about 101 lbs of lean muscle. To figure out what I want my weight to be I take my lean body mass and multiply it times my goal bf % .17. So, 101 * .17=17.7 and that plus 101 is 118. So I need to lose 9 lbs. Clearly, I did my math wrong on my post. Ha ha. So I have 1.3 lbs per week to lose. Which I still think is doable. Patience. Consistency.
It does sound like a lot of exercise. But it is less than I was doing during contest prep and so far, no problems. Tomorrow I will try to squeeze in my half hour cardio after weights in the afternoon.
Our hubby's are a lot alike - the difference with mine is that in addition to setting me straight he has little patience with helping me with math and my goals. :) But I take the good with the bad. And he has a LOT of good. :)
I called you out b/c you have taught us all not to obsess over numbers on the scale or our weight. So, as I wrote my goals and my plan, I thought of you. And yes!that is what a lot of it is about. Not feeling good about your ability to DO the work and then letting yourself down. And just the last two days I feel great.
Em - you are so cute! You and my hubby are a lot a like. But I gotta tell you, when I read that I was like "maybe I should just take it one day at a time and not obsess over the big goals.". But everyone is different and I will see if this works for me. :)) I am glad it works for you! And I am gonna keep it UPPPPPPPP!! For sure!
Hope you guys are having a great week too!

Anonymous said...


The big goal should bring a sparkle to your eye and a small look of wonder to your face.It's going to keep you going day after day. It shouldn't bring a feeling of fret. Who would want to chase that dream?

Relax. Just relax and go with it.