Sunday, March 9, 2008

Figure DVD's for Sale

My fellow competitors and future competitors,

I just listed five of my figure competition posing DVD's (total of 8 dvd's) on Ebay for sale (three are two-disc sets). These are awesome DVD's to help you become a figure professional!!

I wouldn't ever try to "sell" anything on my blog if I didn't think it was absolutely relevant and if any of you are considering competing in figure or are new to figure, these DVD's are awesome.

Two are Cathy Savage DVD's and six are The Figure Coach. They all cover training, nutrition, posing, the compeition itself, backstage tips, etc.

Here is the link to the ebay listing. Let me know if you have any questions! And I would totally be willing to cut one of you guys a deal if you are interested!

And get ready for a FOOT LONG post tomorrow! I am fired up! :)


Krissa said...

I am looking forward to the big post today!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Workouts look good, your attitude sounds good...this is going to be good. :)

Oh yeah and one more thing...I would sell my soul on my blog if I could. :)


I guess it's too late for a review on those videos huh?

Cathy said...

Hey Jess,

Took your advice and started a Blog profile!
This is fun!

Kwasa said...

I tried to log on to ebay but had trouble. I'm interested in the dvds.

Tressa said...

Love your blog!

I'm interested!! :) I was only looking to order the Savage ones... but this works! I have an Ebay account..should I just go ahead & bid?

BTW: Found you via EM & Cynthia.



Jessica said...

Kwassa -
Yes, because I already have a bid, I will have to keep it on there. Good luck with getting your ebay login fixed! :)
Tressa - Thanks so much for stopping by and please do so more often! :) I would love to pull them and sell them separately however I already have a bidder.
Thanks guys and stop back often!

Tressa said...


Did you get to mail these? I didn't get any shipping info via PP like a label was created. Lemme know!!