Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bulking Plan........

...............coming soon! :)

Ha ha! I knew that would get some of you!

So, I threw my back out on Monday's workout and have been in serious pain since I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night to pee and when my feet hit the floor my back gave out and I fell on the floor. Like literally, fell. Kinda funny. So, it felt ok once I was up for awhile and had it warmed up. Went to the chiro today and am PRAYING that when I wake up tomorrow, all will be right with the world. Definitely afraid I will send up looking like this:

Ok, I thought that was mildly funny. Anyhoozle, I am sitting on the couch and have an icepack on my back. Cross your fingers that I will be back to normal tomorrow. Because if I am back to normal I can start working out again!

Saw Dr. Oz on Oprah and in case I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE Dr. Oz. Love him. Love Oprah and Dr. Oz. Love Oprah for bringing Dr. Oz into our lives. He did an experiment on people on detox diets - those on a detox diet for 10 days and those eating balanced meals for the same period of time. They did urine, blood and saliva analysis and the results:

  • NADA.
  • Zilch.
  • Nothing.
  • ZIP.
  • Temporary weight loss (very temporary - came back within days after the end of the detox).

When I look back on the Isagenix detox thing me and the DH did a few months ago (10 days of torture), I pretty much think it was a waste of time and money. For all of you out there considering a detox, juice diets, etc. DON'T DO IT.

But do DO the following:
  • Eat clean 90% of the time.
  • Treat yourself 10% of the time knowing you deserve it.
  • Workout consistently.

Happy Friday EVE!


B said...


I saw your post on april's blog, I have been reading yours great stuff it's been a great read

I'll be back

Anonymous said...

Good advice.

The consistent and patient thing gets me every time. I WANT IT NOW!!!! Just kidding. I am going to work on those few things.


EM :) said...

You know, I couldn't agree more. We just underestimate how AMAZING our bodies are, and really, we have built in DETOX organs. hello, we just trash them so much it's hard for them to function properly, but NO, given proper support & nutrition I don't think a true DETOX is necessary. Just MHO!

Anonymous said...

Good advice.

I don't like the word clean though. I actually despise it.

I prefer: whole, non or minimally processed.

You should have seen me a few years ago in a restaurant sending back the food because I just knew it wasn't "clean" no matter what they said. Was it worth it? No.


cathy said...

I think Oz is great too!

You may never see my face.
I cannot get a picture to upload to save my life! :)
Any tips?


Jessica said...

B-thanks so much for stopping your blog. Will be there every Thursday for SURE! :)
Krissa-Patience is the WORST. I mean, I want instant results just like everyone else but the cool thing is, I KNOW that with patience and consistency I will have awesome results! Way better than feeling like crap for a fast or super low cal workout.
Em - LOVE YHO. So true.
C-I will refrain from using the word clean. :)

Anonymous said...

No really... you can use it. I just don't like it. It doesn't offend me at all though.

(Maybe because I'm in my dirty thirties).


Anonymous said...

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Hope your back is feeling better.



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