Monday, March 24, 2008

Cyclops, Vlogging and Weekly Recap

Happy Monday all! I hope you are all having a great start to your week!

First and foremost, congrats and PROPS to my girl Em for finally vlogging! YOU ROCK!! :) I think I am the last one to vlog. BUT the good news is I just figured out how to record video and transfer to my computer from my Treo so watch out. Vlogging to come! :) I cannot however vlog until I get rid of the pink eye I have. Yes, you heard me right - pink eye. Not fun and not cool. I literally looked like cyclops today because when I woke up I could only open one eye. HOT, I tell you - HOT. My hubby yesterday was like: "Babe, I don't think you have pink eye" and then this morning he was like: "WHOA! Holy Crap!! You TOTALLY have pink eye!" Ya think?????

So, this is a picture of me this morning after I hot compressed to get the goo off:

Took a picture - even tried to find a good one online but it is just too gross to post. Really. Nasty. And in case one of you was eating while reading my blog, I wouldn't want you to toss your hard earned food!

Ok guys, I am posting my link to my daily food journal on Fit Day that I will start tomorrow. Today was pretty terrible for me b/c of being sick - I just didn't eat enough. I struggle with eating when I am sick. You can find the link to my Fit Day log in two places - in the "This Week's Workout" section as well as in my Favorite Links section. Check it out and let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Overall, I achieved 100% of my cardio goals but didn't lift enough. I should have lifted a minimum of 5 and only did 3 lifts. My diet was also spot on - I had two cheats - one at my friend Maya's party and the other at a meal out with some friends. As for my lifting, its ok - I am cutting myself some slack b/c I am getting back into it. I am thrilled that I kept to most of my goals and had fun doing it! And Visionquester - isn't that what it is all about??? :) For this week, I would like to achieve the same goals I set for myself last week - but REALLY hit the lifting goals.

Weekly Recap for week of March 17th through 23rd:

AM Empty Stomach Intervals - 2:1 Incline walking at 10% grade, 11 min/mile and running for 1 minute at 2% grade, 7.5 min/mile. Burned 400 calories in 35 mins.
AM Empty Stomach Intervals - 2:1 on bike w/140 bpm for 2 mins and 165-170bpm for 1 minute for 40 minutes. 400 calories.
PM Upper Body Workout -
Pull ups supersetted w/push ups
Flat bench supersetted with underhand rows
Shoulder press supersetted with hammer curls
Kettlebell French press supersetted with tight bicep curls
Day Off (unplanned)
AM Empty Stomach Intervals - 2:1 Incline walking at 10% grade, 11 min/mile and 20lb kettlebell squat toss (switching hands) for 1 minute - approx. 30 reps. Burned 400 calories in 35 mins. LOVE THIS!
PM - Leg Workout -
Triset smith machine squats w/25lbs each side, 15 reps without stopping in three foot positions - regular stance, close leg, sumo - 4 sets (total of 180 squats!)
Pull ups - 5 reps each - 4 reps
Bulgarian split squat - 15 reps each leg (same weight as above) - 4 sets
Straight legged dead lift - 70lbs - 15 reps, 4 sets
PLUS 30 minutes biking at 150 bpm
6 mile lake run - 650 calories in an hour
AM Empty Stomach Intervals - 2:1 on bike w/140 bpm for 2 mins and 165-170bpm for 1 minute for 38 minutes. 417 calories.
PM - Shoulders
Overhead press, lateral raises, front raises, W presses, rear flye and rows. 12-15 reps.
Off (sick and beginning of the pink eye)

Have a great week everyone! Can't wait to see what happens in vlog land this week! :)


Susan Zehner said...

I was hoping you made it out of the house today. Gathering that you didn't! You got to love a little conjunctivitis. And of course the JH not believeing that you "really" had it is even better! Let's hope he doesn't end up with it too.
Hey striving to find balance in life is everyone's goal. So if you are not ready to nail down what your plans and goals for the next few months, the next few weeks rocks my socks off. I'm glad I got tomorrow planned. I know you at least got the week covered. :)
Take care and remember to wipe and sanitize everything you use to touch your eyes...stuff is like rabbits it multiples while no one is looking!

Krissa said...

Susan had good advice!

Hope it clears quickly.

Yes, we are ready for a vlog!!!

Anonymous said...

I would have loooved to have seen that! So funny just thinking about it!

Can't wait to hear your voice. Arkansas? This should be a riot.


Jessica said...

Oh C, so soon you forget - I am an Iowa girl but I will tell you I do a GREAT southern accent and also do a great Irish accent. I am going to try to do both on my vlog! :)
Suz, you ROCK! By the way, I have to give Suz HUGE props for going to the doc to checkout why she was having so many ups and downs....I think you have to do that to truly take care of yourself and KNOW yourself well enough to know when something ain't right.
Krissa - hope to have a blog coming your way this week!

Anonymous said...

My son's grandmother is from Ireland! Yeah...former Evil Mother In Law.

This should be good. I can't wait.
Totally forgot where you were from.

I remember being in basic training for the air force and there was this girl Angelina Wilkerson from was fun imitating her. (out of earshot of course)


Cathy said...

Hey lady,

Hope your pink eye is resolving. Tis the season! So many of my peds patients with the pink eye lately!
You inspired me to be accountable for my goals. I posted them today.Check it out when you can!
Now I will enact & envision!
Enjoy the day!


Michelle said...

Holla, Chickie!!!

Hope you are well on your way to a speedy recovery.

You should have bestowed the Irish accent on us for St Patty's Day!

Is ur hubby's band getting ready for their debut?!? Can't wait to hear...

Happy Hump Day!! :-)