Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's official...I have an addiction! My whole life I have made it without addiction that is. I don't smoke, drink occasionally and have never done drugs. I drink a couple cups of coffee a day but that is all...just a couple cups and sometimes on the weekends I can go the whole time without a cup at all. Clearly, I have no addictions.

Thursday I had my third training session with Debbie - which was two hours or torture...but awesome torture...and I had a thought at the end of it - I MAY be addicted to her training sessions/training style! No joke. She is amazing. Non-stop - constant muscle fatigue. Yes, it's official. And even though I have to get up at 4am to do it - and I am exhausted by the end of the day - it is TOTALLY worth it. Thursday's workout was a shoulder/hamstring emphasis with abs, burpees and push up sprints. No ladder drill for me...thank goodness. Almost 1000 glorious calories over two hours!

Working out with Debbie has officially become an addiction. And Debbie, I thank you for that!

Sorry for the time between posts...this week was crazy busy with work. More 14-16 hour days. Yuck. This typically means I am only getting 5 or 6 hours sleep at most. This week is another one that put me into a really tough position with my workouts and my sleep. I only worked out with Debbie twice and got in a couple weak cardio sessions in between. I cannot wait for next week to end....after that I will have a full 11 days off....I have so much planned but basically will replicate a Debbie workout every day. Amber and I have committed to pushing each other during workouts and I have a couple mini-goals in mind.

We are in Iowa right now with my family and just got through sledding down a big ass hill! Good, good times. I am so totally in love with my husband at the moment for spending this time with me.

Remember that for each and every workout you are making a choice to improve your health and wellness. You are making a choice to improve your body and your health and lengthen your life. You are showing those around you that you are capable of more!! Your mind if your only limit and it can be limitless - if you let it.

I made a decision on Friday that I want to start affecting those around me at work and in my life with health and fitness. I want to share my knowledge, learnings and enthusiasm for fitness with others. It is my passion and my love - I want to share it with others!

Have a great weekend all!


Anonymous said...

Good addiction to have!

So are her workouts designed to build big muscles or burn fat? Or both of course? Just curious. There is the typical boydbuilding style workouts and then there are the more circuit style workouts which is what yours seems to be. So what is your main goal with these workouts? They sound like fun! I wish you could do a vlog of one of your workouts!



Wow! This was a great blog entry and I TOTALLY appreciate you believing in my training. It means so much and as a trainer it is amazing when you have someone working so hard and begin to really feel a different intensity. I am so excited to see what you do and where you go. EXTREMELY EXCITED! I believe in you and I see so many big things for you. Keep up the good work.

Hi Krissa-
My training style is based on intensity and being well-rounded. I train my clients the way I train myself. I want to develop athletes in my clients and through this development I want them to be strong and capable. I emphasize on functional strength, power, muscle endurance, anaerobic capacity, core strength, etc. It is not a typical bodybuilding style and I wouldn't even call it a circuit style. I like to think outside the box and all my training is based on INTENSITY. And of course, I can not leave out the aspects of speed, agility, and endurance, which are huge concepts in my training style. I believe that a person can get strong with minimal to no rest time between sets/exercises. So the goal of my training is for my clients to be in the BEST OVERALL have the strength and the endurance to go the distance. To be versatile and to be athletes. I hope this helps. I know these questions were directed to Jessica, but I just wanted to give you an idea myself. Hope this gives you a better idea. Thanks for showing interest. :)

Anonymous said...

Will there be a phase of building for aesthetics? Like shoulder caps, etc?



Absolutely, I think that most of my workouts involve the shoulders in some way. Right now, we are doing peek-a-boos, which involves the shoulders tremendously. I have been able to cap out my shoulders from lifting, to do isometric holds, to upper body plyometrics. I AM BIG ON SHOULDERS. Shoulders play a huge role in most upper body exercises.

Anonymous said...

So now I must know what peek-a-boos are!! All these crazy names leaves me super curious! When I hear shoulder press, well thats easy. But peek-a-boos---I have to ask. I like the different names though.


Jessica said...

Debbie - thanks so much for just answering those questions directly! Krissa, her style is truly unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I agree with how she described it - it isn't circuit, it isn't weight lifting, it isn't plyometrics but it is a blend of all of those things. Painful is also another way to describe them! But totally worth it! Awesome!
Yes, Debbie - you deserve all the accolades I give you - your workouts are truly amazing. I can't wait to see how my body transforms.
C - we absolutely work on the caps and I am continuing to lift heavy outside of my workouts with Debbie so I getting a very well rounded experience and Debbie forces me to work my core and abs. Thanks for all you do and being such an inspiration!

Jessica said...

Krissa -
Thanks for stopping by - I am gonna see if Debbie answers the peek-a-boo question cause she will explain it better than me. All I think of when I hear that word is - OUCH!

Power Authority said...

Debbies Inferno-
(Dantes Inferno-)

Waking Up Feeling as though you are a advanced athlete-
(never again)

Sign up to train with Debbie
(excitement-path to hell)

Debbie gets your goals in mind
(then she sets her own for you-hehe)

Debbies fitness assessment

Debbies first training session
(you have officially met the devil, the most loving respect I have for you, now you have enetered HELL)

Post Training session
(how do you know you where you were, you say things like, My legs are burning like Hell... And what the hell was I thinking :))))

Next Day...
(Oh hell, I cant get out of bed... kinda gettin the point of the theme here)

You train using your own workout
(false sense Heaven)

Debbies Second Training Session and subsequent ones
(As you start getting more fit, more is expected, walking down the stairs into the inferno)

I leave this as I have upmost respect for someone I fear: The trainer and trainee. The one who thinks of this is sick, and the one who signs up for this needs to be committed!

Much love to my sisters in fitness!


MR. POWER AUTHORITY...that was awesome! I loved it and I think I need to post that on my blog. The only thing I am waiting on is YOU! HA! HA! HA! COME AND PLAY FOR A COUPLE OF SESSIONS! WE WOULD HAVE SO MUCH FUN! Great comment post!