Sunday, December 9, 2007

Definition of Commitment

"The definition of commitment to fitness is the intensity at which you workout when no one is looking." J. Hendrix

(The J. Hendrix was a bit melodramatic but I wanted to mark my spot in history! :)).

Sorry its been so long since my last post! I wanted to have something really good to write about and I am feeling so psyched about this upcoming week I can't contain myself!!! I came up with the above quote from reading a bunch of other quotes and also thinking about what really sets an average workout apart from a really awesome one, and that is how I came up with the quote above! I will use it to remind myself of why I have to push a little harder!

Recap from last week:

Lifted and cardio on Monday. Worked out with Debbie on Tuesday. OOOOOOOUCH! (See my awesome, not awesome post for more details). Took Wednesday off completely. Lifted on Thursday (pretty crappy b/c I could barely walk) and lifted and did cardio Friday. Lifted Saturday and did about 20 mins of abs. Then TODAY, glorious Sunday, I worked out with Amber. She is so awesome...sent me a text on our way to the gym that was our recipe for the day: 5 lap warm up, she would lead abs, I would lead back workout. We had a great lift and then did Body Combat for an hour. AWESOME! The only bad news is that we are working out with Debbie at 5:15 am tomorrow and we will BOTH be stiff! Oh well! Thats how we roll!

Overall, my diet has been good. I would rate it at B+.....only reason I wouldn't give it an A is because I had a drink Fri and Sat and also didn't eat enough over the weekend (I always do that!!).

I am feeling really good about the upcoming week for a couple of reasons - first and foremost, I AM/WILL workout with Debbie two times this week and I am also keeping up with my intensity commitment! I made a commitment to increase intensity in all of my workouts (this is when you tell me I sound like a broken record) and I DID IT! Woo Hoo! Supersetted all my workouts and worked in abs in every workout (yes Debbie, I do listen to you! :).

For those of you who have been asking, I haven't purchased Precision Nutrition and I am still unsure if I will...definitely thinking about it still but think it will just be a rehash of everything else I know. I have decided that I am going to increase my fats significantly because I have been holding on to my own I believe as a result of eating so low increasing, my body will release the fat I'm holding onto and allow me to use the remaining for energy and not my hard earned muscle.

Bustin it this week! Kickin it old school yo! :) Goal for this: take supplements consistently.
Have a great week all!


Anonymous said...

Love the quote. This is stupid but I didnt realize your last name was Hendrix and I kept thinking, "Jimmy Hendrix said that?" Finally it clicked. I know, I am a goob!

Good job with keep up the intensity.

What supplements are you taking?

Thanks for the update on PN. That is why I havent bought it. I probably already know it. Just eat my veggies.

I just ordered Jenny Lynn's video from Ebay, "The harder I work the Luckier I get. " I think it will be good. I also want to purchase her track workouts because I am going to start sprinting so I can have legs like hers!---and yours!!!


Anonymous said...

I meant "keeping" above.

I never review much.

Have your joined Jenny Lynn's members area? I was wondering if it was any good. I am sure it is.


Jessica said...

Krissa -

You are too funny! I am sorry I haven't commented on your site much lately - I have been reading it! I was so happy to see Visionquester telling us how to put jewels on suits because those suits are friggin crazy expensive! You are going to look so beautiful! How do I know this? because you are already beautiful!

First of all, you will LOVE that DVD. Seriously, I watch it all the time when I am in diet down phase. Like I put it on in the background when I am doing cardio at home or when I am cleaning the house. She is amazing and it is such great insight into the life of a competitor! You won't regret it! I also have her track workouts - very good value for the money. Jenny's members area is pretty good. I love it that you can ask her all kinds of questions and she answers them all - questions about make up, posing, lifting, cardio, etc. She is awesome. When she does another camp, I am going!

As for supplements, I take a slew of them from Beverly Nutrition - liver tablet (b12), mass aminos, a supp called Lean Out and 7-Keto MusclEAN. I love them all. And their protein powders, while expensive, are AWESOME!

I was going to ask you, are you doing the anabolic diet that Jen Health wrote the article about and talks about on her blog/site? If so, how do you like it?

Funny on the Hendrix thing - I got married - haven't changed it on my profile!

Keep up the hard work girl! It is only 12 weeks out of your life and you can do it!

Fuma├ža said...

Well, Im kind of an exhibitionist, so I get a huge rush out of people watching me workout, but I do enjoyt the thought of that idea!!!

KEep working hard, sista. Your plan, goals, and diet are right on track. You shock and amaze me each day!