Monday, December 31, 2007

Picture Post - Me & Hubby at Fundraiser

Doesn't he look so excited to have his picture taken? Oh yes. He loves it! :)

This was right before we left the house for a fund raiser on Saturday night...we had a great time! It was kind of date night for us...sorry for the red eye.

So, it doesn't count as a "before" pic but it is still a picture!!! :)

Happy New Year's EVE!



EM :) said...

WHOA GREEK GODDESS, look at you too! Handsome, hubby, too! :)
Sooo, I'm all for a fitness weekend blog sometime!!!!!! How cool would that be!
Nope, this will be my first time to PHAT CAMP. Used Jen & Lishia Dean for my choreography, though.
Also, I use Mike Davies from the Fitness Factory online for nutrition. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, honestly! His link is on my page. Sooo affordable & worth it, not having to think about it!
Alright girl, take care today and HAPPIEST NEW YEAR. 2008 Will be an amazing fitness/figure year, I just know it!

Jessica said...

Thank you chica....I am very blessed to have a handsome husband who makes me look better!! Yes, blog fitness weekend would be awesome! Ok, you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Phat Camp. I just know it! Jen is a complete nut ball. And the rest of the girls are awesome too!
Thanks for the heads up on Davies. I have considered using him for some time. Have you ever met with him one on one?
Happy New Year to you girl! We are BOTH going to bust 2008 wide open!

Power Authority said...

Excellent pic of the couple!!!