Monday, December 10, 2007

Workout #2 w/Debbie (AKA Bealzebub)

Happy Monday!

Today was workout # 2 with Debbie....FANTASTIC! I think I actually told her that she was the devil at one point...but I meant it in a loving way! ;) Amber, thanks for getting me through that last set of jump squats and holds. I think I definitely had tears in my eyes during those last few holds. OW, OW, OW! Debbie, you are the BOMB! I can feel my legs and my body stiffening already and I LOVE IT! That feeling of KNOWING you are changing your body is amazing. What a feeling to have so much control over your own physicality!! And Debbie is such a great trainer - truly - she could train next to Charles Glass (the baddest trainer on the planet) and hold her own! She rocks.

I downloaded an ebook today (free) called the Ultimate Diet 2.0 which is the program developed by some of the first bodybuilders that figured out how to use ketosis cycles to shed more fat and preserve lean muscle through many months of manipulation and experimentation. I am going to read it tonight - I am sure it will be like most other eating plans that I read about - a lot of the same information rehashed - but maybe there will be a few nuggets of information I can work into my own eating plan. Today was my first day eating more fat - it was actually hard to do - mentally and physically but I want to give this increased fat thing a try to see how my body responds. I nailed my supplements as well! Woo hoo!

I also had a realization today that my friend Amber is a bad ass! She trains with Debbie 3x a week! I can only hope to reach that level of training at some point in the future!

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good workout. So are you doing cardio too? I realize that the workout you are doing serves a dual purpose since it is practically cardio. I was just wondering if you were doing any additional cardio.

I bought those track workouts. Pretty cool. I probably could have saved 30 bucks and wrote them myself but they are pretty challenging. I realize I am pretty out of shape cardio wise. The indoor track workout killed me and I only did a very small part of it! :)

I am not doing the anabolic diet. I do eat around 50-60 g of good fats a day but I still get my carbs in---around 125 on lifting days.

I cannot wait to get Jenny Lynn's video in!!!! Thanks for stopping by my journal too.



You did awesome today. I am so excited to see your progression each week. Thank you so much for again believing in my training and thank you tremendously for putting me in the same sentence as Charles Glass. That is a tremendous compliment. He is amazing. And last but not least, way to go on the squat jump ladder drill, it is a tough drill starting at 20 and ending at 2. You finished strong and it is your response to intensity today that will set you apart from the average athlete.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so now we HAVE to hear what that squat jump ladder drill is all about! Sounds like a booty lifter!!! :)

Debbie--you sound like a great trainer! Hearing a little bit of your workouts reminds me of Jen Hendershott. I went to her Phat Camp and we pop squatted our asses off!


Amber said...

Jess, you had to do more squat jumps than I did, remember I didn't join you until you were already on 12! I am happy to admit I woke up this morning with little lingering soreness, so I am ready to hit it with Debbie in the morning. I will try, work permitting, to get in about an hour and 1/2 cardio tonight. You are too nice to say that I am a bad ass, but you are able to do run longer/faster, and we all know that you have me beat by far on dieting aspect. This is my greatest weakness. You jumped right in to Debbie's session yesterday and gave 110%. You will reach your 40 week goal in half the time! We will have to motivate each other while Debbie is on vacation. I'm looking forward to it!

Jessica said...

Krissa - Yes! Still doing cardio but not as much. Yesterday's workout was a combo and was about an hour and 45 minutes - burned LOTS of calories. Today, I will lift over lunch and then ride the bike for 30 or 45 minutes tonight.

Sorry if you were disappointed in the track workouts...when I told you they were great, I thought they were only $15. I love them b/c I know Jenny worked with a track coach and her ex-boyfriend/trainer Blair does a lot of track workouts. And yes, they are tough!

Ladder drills are basically non-stop jump squats with isometric holds in between (totally around 105 or so). YOWSA!

D- Thank you for the compliments on my workout ethic! I do love to workout and it is so great to have someone who pushes me so hard! I have seen lots of videos of Charles training and you are absolutely in his league. You customize for each of your clients, push them and force them to listen to their bodies. Amazing!

Amber - You ARE a bass ass! And you know how I feel about your ability to rock it on the compeition stage! I also know you could nail the diet if you set your mind to it although unless you were competing, I don't know why you would! You look fantastic!
Thanks for stopping by all!

Anonymous said...

No, I am really glad I bought the track workouts. They are a little advanced for me right now---I have lost all endurance. But I will get my moneys worth out of them for sure.

So you just do a squat, jump, then hold at the bottom for a few seconds and repeat over and over?

Fuma├ža said...

Have you tried "jump squats" on the snowbank? I did those last week here in Madison and it was really hard core. Are you interested in taking your workout to the next level of fitness...the extreme level...Well...I recommend working out in snow to give you a little more resistance! You can find the "power wheel" workout in my blog if you want some ideas!

Power Authority said...

Once again its been a while since I stopped being self absorbed with my unemployment to read your BLOG Jess... I will still comment Debbie is the Bomb-digity, and Props to Amber, you are amazing too....