Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 7 - Staycation: Light Day

Hello all!

I ended up having kind of a light day today - ran for an hour (650 calories) outside...pretty tough to find the energy but I did it...also did a heavy set of German Volume Training Shoulder Presses. This is a technique to build muscle over a six week period of time - you find a weight that will challenge you but not take you to failure at the end of 10 reps. You find this weight and then do 10 sets of 10. It should be your last exercise but since I am doing the conditioning drill with shoulders tomorrow, I decided to not do a full workout. Then did some abs.....burned another 350 calories so overall 1000 calories for the day in exercise - I will take it! :)

Tomorrow Amber and I are meeting at the gym for a smack down! Should be awesome! I am starting to feel like I am leaning up again which is good - haven't weighed myself but will on Wednesday.

Only three more days till the new year! WOO HOO!

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