Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fitness Love Letter to Debbie


After much fear and trepidation, I am contacting you to formally request that you get my a&& into shape.

If you are on my blog read the post directly below this that summarizes my 42 week plan you will have a good idea of what I need you for...basically just getting in the best shape of my life and going to a figure national show in Sept in New York. I want to rock the house! And it is with your help I know I will do it!

I am thinking Wednesday and Friday this coming week if I can bum along with Ambers group at 5am...and if you want us to just have a one on one session prior to that is cool too! Amber has a real good sense of where I am....we have worked out a handful of times over the last few weeks. Just let me know. I am just so excited to be given this opportunity and let me say, you are the bomb!

Can't wait!!!

Note to those who are not Debbie:

Debbie is the baddest personal trainer at our gym and dare I say all of NW Arkansas. Heck, I would even go so far as to say in all of Arkansas. Anyhoo, she is amazing - her body reflects that she knows what she is doing and she would whoop most people on stage even at the national level. NO JOKE! I won a lot of personal training sessions with her last month and I am so pumped about working out with her!!! Amazing! If she will let me, I will take a pic of her bad ass kicking my butt! :) Anyhoo, I have no doubt my body will transform b/c or working out with her which is motivating me to take before pictures (insert peer pressure comment here).
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Rock it!!



Hi is the person in your life that wants to be in your nightmares! Ha!Ha! Just kidding. First off, I just read you letter and I want to say thank you so much for all your kind words but especially for believing in my training! I have a lot of passion when I train and I appreciate all the people that give me the opportunity to train them!
Second, I thought you did awesome today in our first session. Like I told you before, you have a FIGHT in you and tremendous potential. That is what is going to bring you success in fitness. I can't wait to see how far you go and what level you take yourself. I am so excited for you and I can't wait to take this journey with you. Proud of you today!

Jessica said...

Debbie -

Ok, you are AWESOME! I am going to do a seperate post just for you but wanted to respond to your note. It is clear your passion for what you do! You are great at it! Thanks for your support of our first session. I am officially not weighing myself for a full month cause it is all about body transformation! Thank you for believing in have definitely seen me train so you know I have the discipline and determination - I just have to up the intensity! Woo hoo! This journey will be hand in hand sister!
Thanks again!

Power Authority said...

Ok... i am going to officially get up and get my fat ass in the gym and do minimum 45 minutes on Arc Trainer tomorrow before shoulders...

You guys got be pumped up and its 2:17 in the am!!!!