Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day 6 - Staycation: Team J & A RULE!

It's official...Amber makes an awesome workout partner and I only hope I provide her the same sense of accomplishment and desire to push harder in each and every workout. We had another great workout today! Awesome in fact.

Here is how we rocked it....first of all, it was leg day and for legs, I watched Charles Glass put Jenny Lynn through a brutal leg workout during pre-contest Olympia. I caught it on's Fit Show. I watched the whole episode and wrote down the workout. Because Amber and I couldn't do the workout together we split it into two super sets and then traded.

Amber warmed up with a 15 minute run before I got there...I did 5 minutes on the step mill.

Then we did the following (I started with Set 1, Amber started with Set 2):

Set 1 – 4x through 20 reps each unless otherwise specified, no rest between exercises except to set up with a 45 second rest after each set.

Close leg sled press with 2 45lb plates each side.

Hack squat with toes pointed out - 25lbs each side.

Straight leg, feet together deadlift - 60 lbs.

Pile squat to midway point with heels on 5lb plates (35 lb dumbbell)

In between this set and next, I did 2 sets of 20 jump squats. Amber ran a lap and did 10 jump squats at each corner twice.

Set 2 – 4x through, no rest between exercises except to set up with a 45 second rest after each set.

Sumo squat on horizontal leg press with 60lbs. 15 reps.

Single leg lying leg press w/30lbs. 15 reps each leg.

Butt blaster, 50lbs, 15x each leg.

Hamstring curl - 3 position peek-a-boo's; 50lbs. 3 = 1 to 15 reps.

Smith rack deep sumo squat w/25lbs (?) each side (total of 50lbs). 20 reps.

After we had both finished both super sets (REMEMBER - each set was 4X's through!!!! WHEW), we did the step mill on level 10 for 10 minutes.

Then we did an awesome set of abs...about 15 different sets of lots of variations including lots of 30-60 second duration exercises....pretty brutal!

It was an hour and 50 minute workout and I burned 11oo calories....Amber burned 1350 (I think).

The only thing we will change for next time is to change up the exercises so the single leg movements are interspersed with the compound leg movements....the first set was definitely harder than the second and I think it we split the exercises better it will give a better overall burn.

We were going to do the Burpee Challenge but we didn't have time -the BOYS thwarted us! :)

Great workout and my legs are smoked! Amber, I hope you are feeling it too!

Oh, and I rode bike for 45 minute intervals this morning - burned about 500 calories so a pretty kick butt day for calorie burn!!

Have I mentioned how much I love the staycation??? :)

Ok Debbie, we're gonna hit the Back/Shoulder/Tricep Challenge tomorrow. We are feelin it even while you are away!


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