Monday, December 3, 2007

RATS! Bad at Math!

Today I was getting organized at work and planning out workouts and getting all my crap together. Pretty much whistling at my desk...happy as could be and I printed off a new calendar to write down and map out my 42 weeks. It is the same calendar I used to count my weeks. Well, they overflow onto three pages and so there are 2 weeks repeated so I only have 40 weeks! HOLY BAD COUNTING BATMAN!

Revised plan:

Gaining/conditioning cycles: 3 weeks conditioning (don't need as much time on initial conditioning cycle b/c haven't been lifting heavy) starting today/12 weeks mass building/4 weeks conditioning & heavy lifting recovery/12 weeks MASS/9 weeks final conditioning. 12 week diet down will correspond with last 3 weeks of 12 week mass. I will be comfortable with a shorter diet down if I am at 16% bf and I can actually start dieting at 12 weeks out even if 2 of those weeks are still in mass building. The last 9 weeks will be exclusively conditioning while I diet down.

Ok, not as bad as I thought - glad I found that mistake now as opposed to 39 weeks in! :)


Anonymous said...

wow you are organized. So what exaclty does conditioning mean? I understand the rest but was kinda confused on that one. It looks like you have it all figured out. I took my final for nursing school today so I am spending tomorrow getting my apt organized and my fitness plans, goals, and logs in order. So your post inspired me!

Good luck!


Power Authority said...

Dear Lord, You are killin me...

Yeah I am bustin out. Ugh!