Thursday, December 20, 2007

Intuitive Living + STAYCATION

My friend and fellow blogger Cynthia has discovered a new eating program focused on intuitive eating....meaning you eat when you are hungry until you are full and eat the things you want and that your body craves. Eventually, you will get to a point where you know your body well enough that you don't over eat.

I am going to try Intuitive Living. This involves listening to your body and responding to it appropriately. Right now I am working too much and too many hours...not getting enough sleep....and not eating enough or at proper a result, I am starting to get sick again. Woke up in the middle of the night last night with a headache and sore throat and when I started to really think about why I was feeling bad again, I recognized that I am not listening to my body. I am not living intuitively. I KNOW that if I do not get enough sleep and am too stressed out - I will get sick. This 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night and long, stressful days is just not healthy - not good at all. This turns into missed workouts, crankiness and bad eating. Not good.

I am making a commitment to live intuitively from this day forward. I am listening to my body and listening to the choices I make to not go to bed earlier, not prepare my food or drink enough water because I am too "busy". By body is my temple and I have to respect that temple.

Sorry guys - I know this isn't a super fitness related post but is all interrelated. If I don't take care of my mental health and my overall well being my fitness suffers and so do my muscles. It is a vicious cycle and one I am breaking now.

As for STAYCATION (a vacation where you STAY at home...Stay-cation :))...starts tomorrow! Woo hoo! 12 glorious days off! Well, 11 glorious days completely off and whatever time I choose to work! :) I cannot wait to start my STAYCATION! I am going to wake up smiling tomorrow. And it will be wonderful! What do I plan to do? WORKOUT! Lots. And while I have been working out - mostly in the mornings, I haven't been consistent...and my lifts have suffered. So, lots of workouts, eating consistently and clean. The usual. I actually have three sheets of large post-it easel paper with lists of things I am going to accomplish during the staycation - I can't wait!

Working out with Debbie has truly been life changing. I have a completely different perspective on how I will work out from now, I will still lift heavy on body parts however when I train it will be conditioning and abs focused. She is such an amazing trainer - her goals are to SHOW you how to lift and workout with proper form so you can do it on your own. This way you aren't dependent upon her as the trainer - she truly believe in the philosophy: give a man a fish, feed him for a day - teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Debbie - thanks for peeling back the layer and showing me I am an athlete!

While I have been slacking on frequent blogging, you better watch out! I'm gonna blog every day on the staycation! :) Tune in!


P.S. AND I promise picture posts at least twice during staycation. YIPPEE!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I love it. I was actually thinking about you the last time you got sick. It was so obvious that your defenses were down because you were over worked and underfed.(physically and mentally)

It's good to be kind to yourself.


Anonymous said...

good post. I am glad you are going to take a staycation. Sounds like you need it. Stick to that promise of posting and taking pics.

To Debbie: Move to Kentucky for a few weeks and "teach me how to fish" so that I can do it on my own from now on! You sound like an awesome trainer. You should put up some youtube videos!

Keep working out with all that intensity!!!!!



Hi Krissa-
That is so funny that you say that because I have been brainstorming on doing some training seminars/clinics/training on a week-to-week basis. I have had some requests in Texas and California, and I have been seriously thinking about doing some traveling training. That would be awesome! All the way in Kentucky, huh? Wow, I haven't been to Kentucky since 1994 when I was playing basketball for Arkansas. I have also been in the process of putting up some youtube videos...that is my next project. If you have any questions about anything or certain exercises, please don't hesitate to ask. That is why I am here...I want to pass along my passion for training to others.


I have been waiting for more posts about your training, your mentality, and your nutrition during your STAYCATION!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I ALREADY KNOW THAT YOU ARE WORKING OUT HARD! STAY INTENSE!

Jessica said...

Debbie and Krissa -

Krissa, if Debbie does a "camp" you should totally hook up her! You could also come to Arkansas and stay with us and train with Debbie! I know, slightly awkward, but we are just normal people living here in Arkansas and it isn't that far of a drive. Well, maybe. :)

Debbie - you BETTA be telling me when you get your you tube's posted cause I will be tuning in sista!


Jessica said...

Debbie -

My chica...thank you so much for such encouraging words. You are amazing in so many ways! What I love about your comment is that you cover the "trifecta": nutrition, mental health and training. Without all three, you are just a one legged or two legged stool and are without stability.
Intensity is now my middle name. BAM! Did you hear that Debbie??? It is me, blowing up! :)
Enjoy your vacation chica! We miss you!